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Manufacturers’ Guide to Industry 4.0 Technologies

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Go-To Resource For Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers Industry 4.0, the fourth ...

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Attract, Retain, and Train Your Workforce

Manufacturing’s rapid evolution due to technological advancements, customer needs, and changing demographics has heightened the demand for a skilled and developed workforce. The future success of your organization is heavily reliant on your team's continuous improvement.

Our services can assist you with workforce training and management development.

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Increase Productivity – Enhance your Business

Manufacturers need to continuously improve their processes and systems to produce high quality products and parts efficiently and profitably. Achieving operational excellence helps manufacturers increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money.

Information technology can also improve your operational efficiencies. Whether you need assistance with IT Selection, IT implementation or other ERP services, we can help.

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Innovate to Foster Growth

Manufacturers continue to place sales growth at the top of their list as a business priority.  Solutions are available to provide innovation and growth strategies for your company whether through market diversification, export services, innovation development or sales and marketing strategies.

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Improve Safety and Quality Systems

Continuously improve your food and beverage safety and quality by managing operational risks, achieving food safety regulations, meeting certification standards, and sustaining your business value.

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We are here to partner with you.

When you partner with us you’re gaining an outsider’s perspective whose mission is to help manufacturers grow their top and bottom lines. Through our consulting, educational and advocacy solutions, we deliver value to help small and mid-sized manufacturers think smarter, operate more efficiently, and develop sustainable business practices. 

Impact Washington proudly serves as Washington State’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) representative. We are dedicated to helping manufacturers thrive. At Impact Washington, we offer comprehensive training programs and workshops focusing on implementing lean processes, sustainable business practices, and strategy deployment. 

Through our programs (such as Toyota Kata, Lean and Green 101, and Value Stream Mapping - VSM), Impact Washington helps you cut costs, boost productivity, and improve employee engagement.

Helping small manufacturers succeed is our business. Take the first step to becoming more globally competitive by setting up a consultation today. 

By continuing to stay on the cutting edge and introducing you to Value Driven Solutions, we help small and mid-size manufacturers think smarter, operate more efficiently, and develop sustainable business practices.

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