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Olivia was formerly a homeless mother of 6 and the victim of a gang related acid attack. She was found wounded, terrified, and severely mal nourished. She is proof of the transformation that can occur when even the most neglected being is given love and a purpose.  

She exudes tranquility. Once recovered she was recommended as a candidate for service dog training. Through a series of temperament and situational tests she beat out a group of around 20 potential dogs for this opportunity. During her training she excelled and passed her public access testing and medical task training to become a service dog.

She has flown in cabin on over 70 domestic flights. Her travels have taken her to over 15 states and territories. She has slept through countless business meetings, and restaurant meals. 


Sleeping, stuffed animal toys, snuggling, and being a quasi-mother like figure to 4 rambunctious human children.




Medical Alert and Emergency Mitigation training.

Subject Expertise

She is well known for her calm disposition, soothing affection, and endless patience