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Cadet Manufacturing Company

Cadet Manufacturing began operations in the winter of 1957. It was an exciting time to be a part of the electric heating industry because the new products were modern, clean, easy to use, and raised the standard of comfort to new levels. Although many companies entered this new heating market, only a handful remain.For over 50 years, Cadet Manufacturing has met the challenges facing the industry through continual product innovation, industry education, and by engineering additional safety features into our products. Providing a solution for the rising energy costs, Cadet products offer zonal heating, with each living space (zone) having its own heater and thermostat control. With zonal heating, you only pay for the energy you need.Cadet has made a commitment since its beginning to remain a strong, local USA manufacturer. Cadet’s facility in Vancouver, Washington employs over 100 people. Cadet continuously strives to meet their customer needs in new and innovative ways, with globally competitive Lean Manufacturing and sustainable business processes.  Cadet manufactures the safest, highest quality electric heating solutions and provides flawless customer service and support.

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