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CMMC Readiness - An Introductory for Senior Management - Self-Paced Online Course
8/3/2020 - 2/28/2021


For Senior Management

About this course

This course provides a general overview of the DFARS standards and NIST 800-171 and how they relate to emerging CMMC compliance requirements. Participants will go through the origins of CMMC, its essential core components, and what the DoD will expect. This path will also illustrate that in addition to technical requirements, much of CMMC compliance is non-technical and involves the implementation of cybersecurity best practices. The course will enable you to think critically about the importance of cybersecurity, recognize its place in your company’s risk management strategy, and visualize a path to achieve compliance.

What you will learn

  • Compare the DFARS standards, NIST 800-171, and the CMMC domain requirements.

  • Interpret barriers and challenges of cybersecurity compliance.

  • Communicate the steps and resources required in the CMMC readiness process.

  • Connect sources of support to achieve DFARS and CMMC compliance.

  • Determine a path for DFARS and CMMC audit readiness.

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Procurement Specialists, and Senior managers with legal, financial, and compliance responsibilities.


20 minutes (self-paced)

Training Completion Document

Upon course completion

CMMC Fundamentals for Practitioners - Self-Paced Online Course
8/3/2020 - 2/28/2021


About this course

This course will unpack the alignment of the DFARS standards and NIST 800-171 with the 5 levels of CMMC, focusing on level 3.  Modules will illustrate the process for implementing all the required standards and practices for DoD compliance, and provide guidance, resources, and tools for preparing and submitting a CMMC certification package.

What you will learn

  • Assess your current and future contracts to DFARS standards, NIST 800-171 and emerging CMMC requirements.

  • Evaluate your current cybersecurity processes and practices against DFARS, NIST 800-171 and the emerging CMMC level requirements. 

  • Establish and implement a gap analysis between your current processes & practices, and DFARS, NIST 800-171 and CMMC standards.

  • Review, draft, and revise your system security plan to meet DFARS standards, NIST 800-171 and establish a pathway to CMMC compliance.

 Who Should Attend?

Operations managers, HR professionals, Engineering/IT, and other technical personnel.


40-60 minutes (Self-paced instruction + additional time for the Toolbox)


CMMC Training Modules provide participants with the tools and resources to self-manage and progress toward their organization's compliance. Participants will learn CMMC material through interactive sessions while having the ability to join into a larger pool of candidates. These tools will enable participants to create roadmaps, track milestones, and control the entire process to manage cybersecurity and move toward compliance.

Training Completion Document

Upon course completion

American-Made Challenge | E-ROBOT $700k NREL Prize Informational Webinar
2/4/2021 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Not cost to Participate


Win up to $700K from the Department of Energy (DOE) for Robots to save energy

Join the MEP Advanced Technology Team (MATT) as we share how your organization can participate in the American-Made Buildings program to spur energy efficiency innovation in the building’s environment. Selected organizations receive CASH prizes and support from some of the world’s best pioneering makerspaces, dozens of energy incubators, universities, and 17 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories

As part of the American-Made Challenges series, the Envelope Retrofit Opportunities for Building Optimization Technologies (E-ROBOT) Prize is seeking innovative, hands-off solutions to retrofit existing residential and commercial structures. The task is not easy, but if it were, everyone would already be doing it.

There will be up to 10 winners of up to $200k in the first round, 4 of which will be eligible to win an additional $500k. 

MATT member David McFeeters-Krone will moderate a webinar on this contest, providing companies insight into the prize structure and requirements. There will also be a panel of experts to discuss robotics' future in energy efficiency and manufacturing.

Join Us and Learn:

About the solutions requirements

  • Mapping, retrofit, sensing, and inspection. 

  • The work itself should be minimally invasive, use safe materials, and of course, save oodles of energy

  • About the Prize Structure and application Process

The application process is more straightforward than an SBIR, and David is an official connector for the program and can walk your clients through the process. David’s company Intellectual Assets is a certified connector for this prize and is eager to facilitate your applications. 

View Full Contest/Challenge Details HERE

About the MEP Advanced Tech Team and Program

MEP Advanced Tech Team is an RCAP supported by Impact Washington and run out of Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). MATT's mission is to be a one-stop, easy-button resource to help organizations apply technology to process and product challenges.

This funded program will help manufacturers find the right technical resource to overcome the inevitable hurdles that materialize in product development, manufacturing process, or deployment of new technical operation solutions.

Program or webinar questions – contact: 

David McFeeters-Krone

Intellectual Assets

MEP Advanced Technology Team

WA office


PNAA ADVANCE/2021 - Changing Our Flight Plan
2/8/2021 - 2/11/2021

Join Impact Washington and the global aerospace community at PNAA ADVANCE/2021.

This is their 20th Annual Aerospace Conference, which will be held in a fully immersive, lifelike virtual forum.

Register HERE

View Conference Details Here

Conference Features:

  • Keynotes, break-out sessions and panels

  • Leading industry analysts

  • Speakers from OEMs & Tier 1-4s

  • B2B & networking opportunities

  • Exhibitors, receptions & awards

  • SME technical track presentations

  • Global attendees

Topics Include:

  • The essentials of regaining air travel traffic

  • Adapting company operations to changing industry needs

  • The post-COVID landscape of aviation and aerospace

  • How aerospace companies plan to overcome the year ahead

  • The impact of finances and economics on the aerospace industry

  • Your opportunity in the aerospace growth segments

  • How transformative technology will change production systems

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
2/9/2021 9:00 AM - 5:00 AM

Register HERE

The course fee is $295/each individual with printed materials or $260/each individual with electronic materials.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food safety-related risk and, when central to an active food safety program, can provide your customers, the public, and regulatory agencies assurance that a food safety program is well managed. Participants will receive an International HACCP Alliance seal and certificate.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who requires IHA certified curriculum

  • Plant HACCP Team Members

  • Plant Management Teams

  • Corporate Executives

  • Anyone whose job function will impact the facility HACCP Plan


This course will help you identify hazards associated with raw materials and process steps and assign controls. You will learn to:

  • Understand the 5 pre-steps and 7 Principles in HACCP

  • Determine the likelihood and severity of raw material hazards and process hazards

  • Identify critical control points (CCPs) and define critical limits

  • Evaluate monitoring and verification procedures for CCP


Implementing Safe Quality Food (SQF) Systems
2/10/2021 - 2/11/2021

Register HERE

The course fee is $550/ each individual. 

What Will I Learn?

  • SQF Code and Vocabulary.

  • Food Sector Categories.

  • Food Safety and Quality Plans.

  • Implementing and maintaining SQF systems.

  • Requirements for SQF Practitioners.


Get introduced to the SQF system and prepare to take the SQF Practitioner exam. During this two day course, you will gain an understanding of the SQF code and how to apply it to food manufacturing. With practical exercises to reinforce learning, you will be able to successfully implement and maintain an SQF System.

Walk Away With:

  • An examinee guide and sample SQF Practitioner exam questions.

  • Training workbook, with extensive notes, to use during the course and on the job site.

  • Certification of Completion provided by CSI Workforce Development and Training.

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for all personnel wanting to become SQF practitioners, personnel responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the company’s SQF systems, owners and company leaders wanting in-depth knowledge and the SQF program, and supporting employees, managers and others overseeing the SQF process.

Applied Corrective & Preventive Action
3/4/2021 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Register HERE

The course fee is $250/ each individual.

How do you make sure a problem does not continue to happen again and again and again?  Find the true root cause and fix it.  Only after a facility has found the true root cause and put in the appropriate policies, procedures, and possibly capital expense will a problem go away.  Too often, band-aids are used, or the response of “re-train operator” is the solution.  

This course will be interactive and hands-on. Using exercises, actual scenarios, and group discussions, you will learn and use several tools. You will be ready to put your knowledge to work in your facility. We will explore common root cause analysis tools including 5 whys, Failure Mode Effect Analysis, Fishbone diagram, cause & effect tools, and relationship diagrams. You will receive training and templates to use and modify as needed to create and maintain an effective corrective and preventative action program in your facility.  

Corrective actions are not just for food safety issues but for all aspects of a food manufacturing facility.  If you are not looking for ways to improve your processes, you will likely waste time, money, or resources.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Anyone who has had to maintain their company’s food manufacturing management systems

  • Anyone who has ever had to respond to an audit or customer non-conformance

  • Anyone who investigates and responds to issues in a food facility

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between a correction, corrective action, and preventative action and understand when it is appropriate to use each level 

  • Templates of common root cause analysis tools

  • Understand how to use different root cause analysis tools and their limitations

  • Use templates to create or enhance their current corrective and preventive action tools.  

Intentional Adulteration / Food Defense
3/9/2021 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Register HERE

The course fee is $495/ each individual. 

This  Food Defense Course will help you mitigate the risks and hazards of intentional contamination in food operations by protecting vulnerable elements in the agrifood chain and food production operations. We will explore Food Defense Plans to help you build barriers around vulnerable points to prohibit intentional adulteration. 

In This Course You Will Learn To:

  • Identify internal/external threats to the food manufacturing process. 

  • Devise a food defense plan.

  • Create broad and focused mitigations strategies and readiness tests.

  • Develop recall programs in response to intentional adulteration.

Intentional Adulteration / Food Defense
3/16/2021 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Register HERE

The course fee is $495/ each individual. 

This  Food Defense Course will help you mitigate the risks and hazards of intentional contamination in food operations by protecting vulnerable elements in the agrifood chain and food production operations. We will explore Food Defense Plans to help you build barriers around vulnerable points to prohibit intentional adulteration. 

In This Course You Will Learn To:

  • Identify internal/external threats to the food manufacturing process. 

  • Devise a food defense plan.

  • Create broad and focused mitigations strategies and readiness tests.

  • Develop recall programs in response to intentional adulteration.

Safe Quality Foods (SQF)
4/22/2021 9:00 AM - 4/23/2021 5:00 PM

Register HERE

The course fee is $549/ each individual. 

What Will I Learn?

  • SQF Code and Vocabulary.

  • Food Sector Categories.

  • Food Safety and Quality Plans.

  • Implementing and maintaining SQF systems.

  • Requirements for SQF Practitioners.


Get introduced to the SQF system and prepare to take the SQF Practitioner exam. During this two day course, you will gain an understanding of the SQF code and how to apply it to food manufacturing. With practical exercises to reinforce learning, you will be able to successfully implement and maintain an SQF System.

Walk Away With:

  • An examinee guide and sample SQF Practitioner exam questions.

  • Training workbook, with extensive notes, to use during the course and on the job site.

  • Certification of Completion provided by CSI Workforce Development and Training.

Who Should Attend?

This course is recommended for all personnel wanting to become SQF practitioners, personnel responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the company’s SQF systems, owners and company leaders wanting in-depth knowledge and the SQF program, and supporting employees, managers and others overseeing the SQF process.