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Brooke DeVol

Brooke DeVol

As Impact Washington’s Business Development Representative, she helps the company expand our top-of-mind awareness and partnerships with the manufacturing community across the State. She is often the first person a manufacturer will talk to and ensures we respond and meet the needs of individuals who reach out.

Brooke has provided sales, service, and technical support to complex sales account structures inside Pfizer Animal Health, Athena Diagnostics, ChemPoint, and the Brulin Holding Company (BCH, Inc.)

She was an Industrial Process Specialist providing critical cleaning of parts manufactured for use in aviation, contract machining, fabrication, and precision metal manufacturing. This role required expertise in chemical and material compatibility, cleanliness specifications, process efficiency, environmental compliance, and worker safety. Clients included Blue Origin, SpaceX, Moog, and Senior Aerospace.

She also has experience in Specialty and Fine Chemical Sales and Manufacturing. She has she helped companies introduce new technologies and novel products through Market Development. She provided internal support acting as a Subject Matter Expert, Product Formulation Specialist, and Senior Account Executive and was tasked with managing high volume, high revenue, and nationally recognized Brands such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Sundial Brands, and L'Oréal.

She believes in positive change through advocacy, empathy, and the empowerment of others. 


Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communicaitons from the University of Washington

Subject Expertise

  • Sales Leadership
  • Market and Business Development
  • Workflow and Project management
  • Product Formulation