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Out of Office: Time Away From the Cubicle

Monday, June 12, 2017 | Manufacturing

Larry Oates, Alpha Winemaker of Sleeping Dog Winery, is not only an excellent winemaker, but a friendly and warm host for his customers. This small winery, less than 500 cases, produces different wines and offers the possibility of enjoying on purpose aged wines.

With a background in Geology and Environmental L aw, Larry can talk about wines, rocks, or just enjoy a casual conversation around a glass of Sleeping Dog Carmenere Rose.  If you are a dog lover, you must try this winery in Benton City, WA. Using grapes from the neighborhood (literally), with a great sense of smell (got the joke?), Sleeping Dog Alpha Winemaker, AKA Larry, is creating small productions of diverse wines.

Being part of the pack has some perks, like helping during bottling, tasting new wines, or simply enjoying the views with fantastic company in Larry and Joyce. You will need to earn Jett’s trust. . . but it is matter of being there and being friendly.  As a former shelter animal, Jett simply needs some time to warm up completely to his post as winery dog.  It is just one more excuse to visit often.

Once more, and we are not tired of repeating ourselves, you need to go and enjoy the warm weather of Central Washington and visit Sleeping Dog Winery.   

PS: Did I forget to mention that Sleeping Dog Winery collaborates with many animal non-profits(and champion many non-furry causes as well)?

Miguel is an international bilingual senior manager, with experience in implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and process improvement, project management, customer and vendor relations, in nationwide companies, different environments and industries. He loves new challenges and is eager to learn about new processes. He can analyze any process and apply his skills and knowledge to transform it into a standardized, efficient, and lean process.  Miguel has lived in Spain, Mexico, and Colorado, just to name a few places.  He is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Out of Office is a collection of his weekly musings, travels, and experiences in Washington State. 

He welcomes comments, questions, and requests for free business valuations.  He can be reached at

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