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If there was a program that would help you pay to train your staff, would you take advantage of it?

Saturday, February 23, 2019 | Workforce Development

Upskilling Staff Through Training: The Future of Work Program & Impact Washington – an interview with Geoff Lawrence

Or listen to the podcast at:  Talent Magnet podcast site, Apple iTunes, or Google Play.

Geoff Lawrence, Account Executive with Impact Washington, was recently interviewed on the latest “Talent Magnet” podcast.  In it, he and Robert Bishop President SATECH, Inc., discusses business's ability to find and keep the talent needed to maintain a competitive edge, deal with the struggle to find the time and resources to train staff, and strategies for addressing these challenges.

Geoff has 35+ years of experience in Operations Management, Technical Sales and Marketing, and Senior Management, with an MBA from the University of Washington.

The Talent Magnet podcast, provided by Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, helps businesses become talent magnets by focusing on best practices for recruitment, training, and retention.

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