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My Summer At Impact Washington – Fancy Clothes and Gel Pens

Friday, June 9, 2017 | Manufacturing

It has now been a month since I began working at Impact Washington. In that time I have further immersed myself in Salesforce and also began working on several projects breaking down potential clients into manageable groups.

On the technical side I wrote a couple of cute web automation bots to ease some of my duties at the office. One of them cross references which businesses we’ve worked with with a list of potential clients provided by NIST. The other takes the addresses of clients out of Salesforce and finds + updates the congressional district, county, and legislative district for each one in our records. They have worked very hard while I was at home sleeping and deserve commendation of the highest degree.

I will also be traveling to Seattle next week to attend a meeting. This is a rather extravagant event as it will be the first time I have left the office for business. I plan on wearing my fancy clothes and gel pens.

Damon Devani is a student from Champlain College in Vermont, working with Impact Washington for the summer of 2017 as our Data Analytics Intern.  Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, cooking, and film. He’s looking forward to exploring the area and getting to know the business over the next couple of months.


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