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Advanced Technology Team Established to Help Manufacturers Solve New or Emerging Manufacturing Challenges

Thursday, January 21, 2021 | Aerospace, Cybersecurity, Manufacturing, Robotics

As you bring your plant into the next century, Impact Washington has resources available to help you on your journey with Industry 4.0, Cobots, 3D printing, or any other technical challenge you may have in a new product or process development.

Our staff is well versed in helping you make the connections and kicking off your project with success in mind.  The newly formed MEP Advanced Technology Team is able to help manufacturers at no-cost find the right technical resource to overcome the inevitable hurdles that materialize in product development or deployment of new technical operation solutions.

We encourage you to utilize our system using our REVERSE ASSESSMENT approach. Our staff will connect you with trained professionals who have access to resources, facilities, and expertise to both explore possibilities and drive you to success.

Technology Team Resources 


    Manufacturing USA logo     Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer logo    NIST and MEP logos

Manufacturing USA: 16 Institutes funded with over $1B to help create collaborations to spur US Manufacturing Innovation

Federal Laboratory Consortium: 350 facilities across the US spending $150B annually on R&D. Access to expertise, capabilities, and technologies to solve small business issues. 

MEP National Network. We are part of a 51-state center network with over 1400 field staff to help solve process improvement and connect you to your next partner.

The REVERSE Assessment

The process begins with the hurdle you are trying to overcome. It ends with a new connection. Your hurdle can be at any level. Hurdle examples and how we can help include:

Product yields are too low. Why? Materials or process?

  • Link to better methods to screen materials (NIST)
  • Suggest vendors for process sensors, or data analysis (MEP network)

Unable to join dissimilar material 

  • Find experts in adhesives (DoD)
  • Propose other methods of manufacture (3D printing)
  • Explore other materials (ManufacturingUSA)

Need market data 

  • Tap a customer base (MEP Network)
  • Source from Institute (ManufacturingUSA

Advanced Technology Team Service Desk

Our MEP Advanced Technology Team Service Desk will be launched next month.

In the meantime, if you have hurdles stopping you from moving forward in such as the ones listed below contact David Nierescher he'll help you put our resources to work for you

  • Developing new products or enhancing old ones.
  • Seeking to enhance their data collection or data use
  • Product problems that could be solved with research
  • Marketing questions that could be gleaned from customers
  • Any interest in teaming with the government





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