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Hackers Are Getting Sharper Than Ever - It’s Time To Make Sure Your Cybersecurity System Is Too

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 | Cybersecurity, Manufacturing

Cybersecurity is an essential measure when it comes to protecting your manufacturing company against cyber threats and attacks.

As the online world is continually growing, adapting, and containing more information than ever before, so are hacking intruders. It’s imperative to have a cybersecurity system that is effective and works for your company. All manufacturers should be well equipped with a cybersecurity system, but small manufacturing companies should be especially concerned with protecting online assets and resources.

Small manufacturers are the primary victim of cyber attacks as they have “more digital assets to target than an individual consumer but less security than a large company with vast resources” according to Dr. Michael Powell, author of “Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Sector: Reduce Data Integrity Breaches with NIST SP 1800-10”. While cybersecurity is a bigger concern for small to medium manufacturers (SMMs), many are unable to provide the best security due to multiple reasons. This could be from not being able to hire in-house security staff, to not finding systems that protect both IT and OT. IT is essentially the “business side of software” while OT is the “operating machinery, such as machines and control systems” (Powell 2022).

NIST SP 1800-10 is a guide that shows how security products can be used to take on different cybersecurity threats. There are three scenarios the NIST SP 1800-10 explains how to solve using commercial security products. The three scenarios are malware infections via remote access connections, malware infections by a USB flash drive, and unauthorized application installation.

There are three steps that give manufacturers a good starting point in addressing these issues. These are: identifying assets, training workers, and performing a risk evaluation. Conducting these three steps will help manufacturers put to practice NIST SP 1800-10 in protecting digital assets.

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