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David McFeeters-Krone

David McFeeters-Krone

David is a connector of companies to technologies, expertise, and facilities.  His knowledge of emerging technology is invaluable.

He runs business development and commercialization consultancy based in Portland, Oregon but works throughout the nation. David started his firm in 2001 and has supported dozens of small and midsized firms in strategic business development, collaborative R & D, leveraged development, licensing, technology scouting, and more.

He’s known as the go-to person to help firms find solutions and secure agreements with U.S. research institutions, often federal labs. He serves as a technology scout, a business development consultant, and a capability broker for companies large and small.

David has relationships with prominent government technology creation agencies such as the DoD, DoE, NIST, NASA, DoT, DHS, and USDA)

Before starting his firm, David held leadership positions inside companies such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technology Applications Center of NASA, Intel CenterSpan Communications, Corporation, and more.


David is often a guest speaker within organizations, at national meetings or summits on I.P. related issues and the U.S. Federal Labs. Recent engagements include; 

  • National MEP Annual Summit
  • Federal Lab Consortium Annual meeting


David holds an MBA in Marketing from the Univeristy of Pittsburg, and a BS in Physics from the University of Michigan

Board Positions

Serves on the program committee for the Federal Lab Consortium

Subject Expertise

  • Intellectual Property
  • Technology Scouting
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Open Innovation
  • Business Strategy/Strategic Planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital
  • Licensing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Research & Development