As the state’s COVID-19 curve continues to flatten, Impact Washington has begun providing no-cost readiness assessments to help manufacturers prepare to return to work. Using funds authorized by the CARES Act signed by President Trump last month, NIST issued awards to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico for COVID-19-related projects. The first authorized usage of our funds is going towards Return to Work Readiness Assessments. Additional fund phases will support the operational needs related to COVID-19 Recovery projects.

The Assessment includes a virtual site visit with an Impact Washington consultant followed quickly by a thoughtful implementation plan and debrief to ensure a smooth restart of your business as soon as possible. We are relying heavily on OSHA guidance, sound manufacturing principles, and assistance from HR professionals when conducting these reviews. The potential for close contact can occur in so many environments – including packaging areas, production lines, locker rooms, restrooms, etc. – and these assessments address those environments and more.

To get your facility on our assessment schedule, contact Impact Washington HERE or call 425-438-1146.

Please download our Guidance Whitepaper on Preventive Measures & Controls.

Why Workplace Readiness Measures are Important:

To manage COVID-19 risks for current, returning, or future employees, it is critical for manufacturing facilities to review their policies and procedures relative to current knowledge of the risks. The assessment guidance from Impact Washington is based on the current understanding of the virus and designed to help companies review and amend their policies.

Ultimately, each facility will need to implement policies tailored to their specific facilities and any risks relevant to their employees or those that they may encounter during work time.

Additionally, employers should conduct a Readiness Risk Assessment of their facilities to determine whether Engineering Controls, Administrative Controls or Personal Protective measures are recommended based on the work areas within their facility or each employee's risk of exposure due to the nature of their job functions.

Reach out today so we can support you, and let’s get Washington back to work.

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