February 2023

Impact Washington Clients Ensure Manufacturing Growth in Washington

As an MEP center, our sole purpose is to ensure the success of small- and medium-sized manufacturers, and we are measured entirely on the impacts we make within those companies. To do this, we maintain close relationships with countless stakeholders at the federal, state and local levels, all focused on helping our clients solve their problems and achieve their objectives.

Since 2018, our efforts have resulted in the creation and retention of 8,549 jobs; $315.5M investment in new equipment and facility upgrades; $197.5M in bottom line cost savings; and $1.15B in new revenue.

We are primed to bring Washington manufacturers even more results over the next year, and we invite you to join us in that endeavor.

Manufacturer's Growth Grant For Underserved Enterprises

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Thanks to a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s new Small Business Innovation Fund (SBIF), we are providing the assistance that small manufacturing businesses desperately need to develop and grow. Actively seeking manufacturers in RURAL regions of the sate - help us spread the word

The grant supports historically underserved communities. Qualifications include;

Have less than 50 employees or less than $7 million in gross revenue and have one of these characteristics:

  • Women-owned
  • BIPOC-owned
  • Indigenous-owned
  • LGBTQIA+ -owned
  • Located in rural region of the state 

Interested manufacturers can learn more and apply here

CMMC  Update

Maintain your Eligibility for DoD Contracts: Updates to the CMMC  

Initially, the CMMC compliance deadline for defense contractors was set for 2026, with a gradual rollout for different contract types. However, the DoD recently announced that the new contract compliance deadline will move to October 1, 2025. All new DoD contracts will require CMMC compliance starting in 2025, regardless of their level or type.

The first step toward compliance is to understand the framework, its levels, and the required practices and processes. Implementing the practices and processes necessary for each level of the framework can take time and resources, and it's essential to get started early to ensure a smooth transition to compliance.

Compliance with the CMMC framework also ensures that defense contractors implement best cybersecurity practices. The CMMC framework sets a standard for cybersecurity practices that all contractors must meet, which helps to protect sensitive DoD information. It also helps prevent cybersecurity incidents and breaches, which can have severe consequences for contractors and the DoD.

CMMC 2.0 experts expect other federal agencies, state and local governments, and businesses to adopt similar cybersecurity requirements. Given an increase in cybersecurity incidents experienced by all types of companies, now is the time for all enterprises to understand the competitive advantage and other benefits of tackling cybersecurity head-on.

Impact Washington will roll out additional resources and educational opportunities on CMMC 2.0 and cybersecurity throughout 2023. Need help understanding where you are on your cybersecurity journey? We can help - Contact Us Here 

Industry 4

Digital Transformation on A Budget: Small Steps – Big Results

With the fourth industrial revolution focusing majorly on manufacturing process enhancement through the internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity systems, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing, SMEs act as critical contributors to the Washington economy due to their significant contribution to the areas of productivity, trade, and employment.

Some small- and medium-sized businesses believe they're at a fundamental disadvantage in Industry 4.0, primarily due to the resources at their disposal. We've helped many who've seemed overwhelmed, then stuck, putting off tech for a future day. Research reveals SME's have much to gain in their evaluation and adoption of Industry 4.0. Let us help you create a cost-effective roadmap for success. 

Read full the article Digital Transformation on a Small-Business Budget: It Can Be Done authored by MAGENT a partner in the NIST-MEP National Network. 

#ImpactFul Highlight/Success Story 

- Consultant and Training Opportunities Help Seafood Startup Company Safely Find it's Way to Retail Stores

Harmony Fresh Seafoods based in Skagit County in the town of La Conner is a startup company focusing on fresh salmon products, including salmon spread, candied salmon, and smoked salmon. Harmony Fresh is USDA-certified and starting a facility in which to manufacture its products. In addition to its USDA certification, they also needed a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification to obtain the ability to move into the Ready To Eat distribution model that allows for retail distribution of products. 

Solution: Because retailers are dependent upon suppliers to have food-safety protocols in place, Impact Washington initiated a rigorous and credible training program—known as the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program—with Harmony Fresh Seafoods. The Safe Quality Food program is designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain, from the farm all the way to the retail stores. The rigorous farm-to-fork certification also helps food producers assure their buyers that their products meet the highest possible global food safety standards. With the help of Impact Washington, Harmony Fresh Seafoods was able to obtain a consultant to help with the certification process. Combined, three Harmony Fresh employees spent nearly 200 hours of Safe Quality Food-preparedness training. That training included technical training on best manufacturing practices, standard operating procedures, sanitation, environmental monitoring, supply chain, system documentation, important auditing practices, documentation procedures, supplier verification, and of course numerous food-safety procedures.    

Results: In October 2022, Harmony Fresh Seafoods became Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certified and is in the process of onboarding retail customers that require compliance and certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative. Estimates gauge those potential product sales at $300,000 and working with Impact Washington saved Harmony Fresh Seafoods roughly $49,000 on training and other costs.

View all #ImpactFul Results/Success Stories Here

Tech Help Desk

Impact Washington-NIST MEP | Advanced Technology Service Desk

Let Us Do the Research

Are you struggling with an impossible technical problem that is limiting your competitiveness? Whether material, sensor, electronic, data, chemical, civil, or mechanical, let us tap into our resources to bring you a solution. This Service might provide critical connections to the technical help and facilities your organization needs to overcome manufacturing's inevitable hurdles. The NIST-MEP Advanced Technology Team has direct contact or line-of-sight links to the following resources: 

  • 16 Institutes funded with over $1B to help create collaborations to spur US Manufacturing Innovation
  • 350 R&D facilities across the US
  • A national network with over 1400 field staff 

Request Help Here 

SBA Webinars 500 &times

Impact Washington would like to invite partners and clients to attend local webinars presented by members of the Washington Export Outreach Team (WEOT). This collaborative team of local, state, regional, and federal export assistance agencies provides businesses with the tools and resources to sell internationally. 

Wednesday Webinars with SBA Seattle is an ongoing series of free, virtual, webinars covering a variety of topics to benefit small business owners.

Hold the Date:

  • May 18th - Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) Women in Aerospace Conference  - Learn More
  • May 30th - 31st -  I-90 Aerospace Corridor 2023 Conference and Expo - Learn More

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