Account Executives

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Jeanette M. Provan,

Eastern Washington

Account Executive - Eastern Washington

Jeanette is an innovative and results-driven leader with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. She excels at mentoring teams to leverage lean manufacturing tools, delivering exceptional results in highly competitive environments that demand continuous improvement. Her expertise extends to serving as an internal consultant and a direct operations leader, making her adept at driving positive change and delivering improvements in product, process, supply chain, and customer service. Jeanette is passionate about building a culture that engages people and fosters self-motivation, ultimately driving teams toward achieving their goals. Her track record includes consistently increasing quality production, reducing operating costs, eliminating waste, and positioning organizations for long-term sustainability.


  • MBA from PSU Portland, OR
  • BBA in Management/Marketing from the University of Portland, OR


  • Black Belt Certification: Jeanette has completed Black Belt classes, indicating her expertise in Six Sigma methodology and process improvement.
  • Reliability-Based Maintenance Systems Certification: She has received certification in reliability-based maintenance systems, emphasizing her ability to implement maintenance strategies that reduce downtime and increase equipment reliability.
  • Continuous Improvement (CI) Printing Convention Certification: This certification reflects her knowledge and experience in the field of continuous improvement, specifically related to the printing industry.
  • Shingo Conference Certification: Jeanette has attended the Shingo Conference, which focuses on lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices.
  • Benchmarking Certification: She has experience in benchmarking, a process of comparing an organization's performance metrics to industry best practices to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • FSC & NSF Audits: Jeanette is familiar with and has experience in conducting audits related to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards, indicating her knowledge of environmental and quality compliance standards.

Subject Expertise

  • Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement - highly proficient in mentoring teams to leverage lean manufacturing tools, resulting in significant improvements in quality production, cost reduction, and waste elimination. 
  • Operations Leadership - able to support team in driving consistently achieve superior production rates and safety records. 
  • Safety Culture Development - safety programs and initiatives that have significantly reduced injury rates, making workplaces safer for employees.
  • Supply Chain and Quality Management - supply chain optimization, reducing labor costs, and increasing throughput. 
  • Maintenance and Reliability - reliability-based maintenance programs, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. 
  • Change Management  - skilled at being a change agent and driving cultural transformations within organizations.
  • Cultural Transformation - has a passion for building a culture that engages employees, fosters self-motivation, and supports continuous improvement.
  • Financial Management -  budgeting, cost analysis, and financial reporting. 
  • Training and Development - developing and implementing training programs for both hourly and salaried team members.