Lean manufacturing is a continuous improvement model that strives to eliminate non-value-added activities.

Manufacturers that embrace a culture of continuous improvement can be transformed into agile, competitive, and increasingly profitable businesses.

Lean manufacturing doesn’t require a large capital investment or increased human resources. In fact, it shows you how to do more with less – less capital equipment and less floor space – by getting the waste out and replacing it with value-added processes. Adopting a Lean approach will help you become faster and more responsive to customer requirements while using fewer resources.

Other Lean Solutions Offered from Impact Washington

  • Toyota Kata Training – Master the cycles of learning and improvement with our expert guidance
  • Lean 101 – One-day master course in lean manufacturing with live simulation and expert input
  • Lean 101 for Food Processing – One-day master course in lean food processing with live simulation & expert input

Our Lean PRogRam

Impact Washington is a non-profit organization committed to partnering with manufacturers to achieve continuous improvement and growth. Your success is our success—full stop. We leverage our relationship with NIST and Washington State to deliver effective tools, resources, and expertise to manufacturers small and large. Below you can learn more about our Lean manufacturing training and certification programs.

Toyota Kata

Builds upon the philosophy of lean principles, and helps companies to further develop the people skills, thinking and behavior necessary for continuous improvement on a daily basis, thus transforming a firm’s culture.

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Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping (VSM) is the observing and mapping of existing production processes. It graphically displays how long it takes to complete a process using current techniques and classifies each task as either value-added or non value-added time. Learn more about how Impact Washington utilizes value stream mapping to help identify room for improvement.

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Training Within Industry (TWI)

TWI programs were developed sixty years ago in an effort to boost industrial production to the levels required to win World War II. After the war, TWI was introduced world wide. Training Within Industry focuses on going to the source, observing in detail, and learning by doing.

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Lean Certification Program

The Lean Enterprise Certification Program (LECP) body of knowledge was created by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Impact Washington is the sole delivery partner for SME in Washington. The class is intended to provide training and experience to those individuals who would play the role of “Lean Champions” within their organizations.

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Lean Training 101 Program

Impact Washington’s one-day Lean 101 training programs provide students with education, tools, simulation kits, and all necessary workbooks and course materials. Our programs help manufacturers learn how to:

  • Reduce cycle time and floor space
  • Reduce inventory
  • Stimulate teamwork
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve cash flow

Each session accommodates 20-22 students and includes four hours of classroom training and four hours of simulation game where trainees assume different roles in an imaginary company that transforms from mass production to Lean process improvement. Learn more about upcoming certification programs and workshops in the Seattle area and around Washington State on our Manufacturing Events page.