Impact Washington works with Washington manufacturers to develop effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategies and best practices.

SCM is the blending of art and data that goes into continuously improving the way a business identifies and purchases the raw materials and supplies it needs as it manufactures and delivers products to customers. Our supply chain consultants will train and educate your team members following our 7-step Supply Chain Management process:

  • Conduct a Transaction Analysis to discover the 80/20
  • Develop Commodity Strategies using a matrix methodology
  • Perform a Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Develop a Supplier Rationalization Plan based on the Commodity Strategies
  • Create a Supplier Performance Evaluation Plan along with Scorecards
  • Create a Supplier Development Plan
  • Develop a Supplier Certification Process

The end objective is a standard, repeatable process to help your manufacturing company achieve sustainable growth through effective SCM. Impact Washington’s supply chain consultants will help guide your SCM organization through the Price, Quality, Cooperation, and Partnership phases. If you’re interested in learning more about our supply chain solutions, reach out to us through the contact form on the right! Learn more about our work supporting businesses in the Department of Defense supply chain here.

Supply Chain Strategies

The supply chain is a gold mine of opportunity that many manufacturers miss out on. An individual manufacturer’s place in the supply chain—and its ongoing supply chain strategy—has a huge impact on its global competitiveness. At Impact Washington, our supply chain consultants look beyond price, service, and supplier capability—emphasizing collaborative partnerships, integrated information systems, new technology, risk management, and other factors to boost competitive advantages.

Supply Chain Optimization

Impact Washington provides a step-by-step roadmap to help manufacturers address risk, increase visibility and create supply chains that function optimally.

Supplier Scouting

Our supply chain experts will connect you with American suppliers, including large companies, government agencies, and other organizations that match up with your products and technical capabilities.

Productivity Improvement

We work with Washington manufacturers to reduce Manufacturing Critical-path Time (MCT), lower supply risk, grow strategic supplier relationships, and increase flexibility—helping you to become more competitive and respond to the ever-changing needs of your customers.

Supplier Chain Sustainability

We work to reduce supplier impacts on the environment and use our regional expertise to provide Washington manufacturers with sustainability assessments and energy-saving project opportunities.

Supply Chain Technology

Impact Washington is plugged in to the newest supply chain technologies. Our technology acceleration strategies help our supply chain consultants identify technology gaps, finding new products and intellectual property resources to help manufacturers stay competitive on the global stage.

A Success Story: Staying Strong in the Aerospace Supply Chain

Cascade Gasket and Manufacturing Co, Inc. is located in Kent, WA with 75 employees. For 145 years, the company has produced non-metallic seal, gasket and clamp block parts primarily for the aerospace industry. They were faced with a need to implement an AS9100 compliant quality system or lose their key client.

  • Achieved AS9100 certification within six months
  • Received impressive 100% on audit
  • Strong media exposure and brand positioning
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