Get the most from your supply chain

Impact Washington works with Washington manufacturers to develop effective Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategies and best practices.

SCM is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Our supply chain consulting experts can train and educate your team members on all areas of the supply chain process:

  • Transaction Analysis to discover the 80/20
  • Commodity Strategies using a matrix methodology
  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Rationalization Plan based on the Commodity Strategies
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation Plan along with Scorecards
  • Supplier Development Plan
  • Supplier Certification Process

The end objective is a standard, repeatable process to help your manufacturing company achieve sustainable growth through effective SCM. Our supply chain consulting services will help guide your organization through the Price, Quality, Cooperation, and Partnership phases.

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Supply Chain Strategy

The supply chain is a gold mine of opportunity that many manufacturers miss out on. An individual manufacturer's place in the supply chain—and its ongoing supply chain strategy — have a significant impact on its global competitiveness.

Our supply chain consultants look beyond price, service, and supplier capability. We emphasize collaborative partnerships, integrated information systems, new technology, risk management, and other factors to boost competitive advantages.

Productivity Improvement

We work with Washington manufacturers to reduce manufacturing lead time, lower supply risk, grow strategic supplier relationships, and increase flexibility. All of these improvements help a company to become more competitive and respond to your customers' ever-changing needs.

Supply Chain Sustainability

We work to reduce supplier impacts on the environment and use our regional expertise to provide Washington manufacturers with sustainability assessments and energy-saving project opportunities.

Supply Chain Technology

Impact Washington is plugged into the newest digital supply chain technologies. Our strategies help identify technology gaps, find new products, and intellectual property resources to assist manufacturers in staying competitive on the global stage.

Supply Chain optimization

We work to optimize supply chains, in part through a series of strategy sessions on executive engagement, partner engagement, risk management, and total cost of ownership.

Competition is no longer just between companies, it's between supply chains. The volatile economy means that manufacturers have to be much more agile, flexible, and responsive to external pressures.

Your supply chain process is increasingly a source of vulnerability and an opportunity for better cost management. Those with optimized supply chains experience benefits like:

  • Lower Costs
  • Better Delivery
  • Increased Quality
  • Competitive Edge

Supply Chain Roadmap

Suppose you want to re-evaluate your supply chain. In that case, we can assist you in developing a Supply Chain Optimization Roadmap to:

  • Assess the current Supply Chain for risks
  • Make Better Total Cost of Ownership Decisions
  • Create a Supply Chain Strategy Deployment Strategy
  • Deploy and Communicate the Strategy
  • Implement Improvements
  • Increase effectiveness of MRP/ERP
  • Mitigate global supply chain risk
  • Reduce/manage Volatility
  • Expand supplier matching capabilities to sources for emergent needs

Supplier Scouting

Our supply chain experts will connect you with American suppliers, including large companies, government agencies, and other organizations that match your products and technical capabilities. Also, through the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership, we continuously receive requests to identify Washington manufacturers who can meet larger companies or federal agencies' requirements.