The Washington State manufacturing community's quick response, contributions, and willingness to help during the time is providing our community with new attention. In this renewed focus on the manufacturing sector and during this unprecedented pause of manufacturing operations, we think the best way for your business to continue to help us defeat the effects of the pandemic crisis is to focus on readying your facility to restart and develop your capabilities to operate in changing times. 

The workforce and economic challenges in the way are real and require thoughtful high road recovery preparedness. Below is a suggested list of items to consider:

  • Assess and implement a safe workplace/return to work environment. Get your no-cost Assessment today!
  • Plan employee safe workplace protocol training
  • Ensure technology resilience and cybersecurity
  • Obtain finance assistance, recovery loans, and grants
  • Update your business disaster preparedness
  • Develop supply chain contingency plan:  Review our Supply Chain Disruption document as a start
  • Adjust plant layout
  • Retool machinery, methods, workforce approaches
  • Consider automation solutions
  • Prepare to onboard and upskill new and returning employees quickly

Impact Washington’s manufacturing experts bring decades of experience from companies large and small. We’ve worked as floor managers, product engineers, project managers, executives, researchers, materials scientists, and more. Our team and resource partners are available to offer no-cost guidance on your recovery preparedness. We will foster a quick and thought-out actionable plan to ensure a smooth restarting of your business as soon as possible. 

Contact us directly via our website or email, and let's begin a discussion on restarting your facility today!

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