Company Transformations

Impact Washington is a leading provider of coaching and consulting services that transform manufacturing companies in Washington. The Impact Washington experienced team of engineers and business professionals work directly with the leadership of each organization to identify the challenges impacting their growth. We then work to develop a customized value-driven solution to ensure that all projects have measurable results impacting your bottom line.

We are the official Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) representative for the state of Washington and serve as the “voice” of the industry working with local, state and federal agencies. We are committed to adding value and increasing the impact of Washington manufacturers.

What challenges do you face today?

ISO Support

Looking to become certified or preparing for an audit?  We can help. Learn more

Workforce Retention

Finding ways to get more work done with less people. Learn more

Workforce Development

Finding ways to upskill and develop your people. Learn more

Supplier Chain Optimization

Finding hidden value between supply chain functions and partners. Learn more

Efficiency Improvements

Reduce costs and improve outputs by identifying waste and eliminating it. Learn more

Strategic Growth Planning

Do you have a roadmap for achieving your future growth? Learn more

Facility Planning & Layout

Have you added new capabilities or are planning to soon? Learn more

Finding New Markets

Do you know where your next clients are coming from? Learn more

Food Safety & Industry Compliance

Are you current on regulations for human and animal food safety and processing? Learn more


Are you prepared to detect and recover from a cybersecurity incident quickly? Learn More


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