Advanced Technology Service Desk

Struggling with an impossible technical problem that is limiting your competitiveness?

Whether it is material, sensor, electronic, data, chemical, civil or mechanical; let us tap into our resources to bring you a solution.

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This Service Desk has been set-up to provide critical connections to the technical resources and facilities your organization needs to overcome manufacturing's inevitable hurdles.

The Impact Washington staff and our Advanced Technology Team are well versed in helping you make the necessary connections as you bring your plant into the next century. Their guidance and expert advice provide critical connections to the resources and facilities your organization needs to grow your top line and find unique solutions to persistent problems on the plant floor. 

 The Advanced Technology Team has direct contact or line-of-sight connections to the following resources:

Manufacturing USA: 

16 Institutes funded with over $1B to help create collaborations to spur US Manufacturing Innovation

Federal Laboratory Consortium:

350 facilities across the US spending $150B annually on R&D. Access to expertise, capabilities and technologies to solve small business issues. 

MEP National Network:

Impact Washington is parts of a 51-state center network with over 1400 field staff to help solve process improvement and connect you to your next partner.

The process begins identifying the hurdle you are trying to overcome. It ends with a technical advice and a new connection.  

Some common areas where manufacturers encounter hurdles and need our Advanced Technology Expert advice: 

  • Developing new products or enhancing old ones.
  • Seeking to enhance their data collection or data use
  • Product problems that could be solved with research
  • Marketing questions that could be gleaned from customers
  • Interest in teaming with the government and need help where to start
The Advanced Technology Team

The Team is national in scope, with offices in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, and New York. Our Leads for Northwest are: Dave Nierescher and David McFeeters-Krone