Aerospace Manufacturing

Washington State is an important hub for the aerospace industry.

Impact Washington plays a central role in helping manufacturers meet the ever-growing needs of aerospace customers.

From supply chain consulting  to lean manufacturing principles, our experts provide real, proven solutions to increase efficiency, meet and surpass supplier guidelines, and solve major business challenges.

When you partner with Impact Washington, you leverage decades of manufacturing consulting experience and a deep network of tools and resources. Our lean training and implementation programs are designed to establish the foundation for a sustainable lean culture. Project managers work in concert with you to achieve goals and develop skills and processes within your organization for long-term success. 

As the aerospace industry supplies many jobs and opportunities for workers, implementing efficient warehouse management systems is of the utmost importance. Impact Washington helps execute processes that boost productivity and improve overall employee morale. 

The aerospace industry is adapting to innovations and technology, which means your warehouse management should too. We prioritize technological acceleration as part of the roadmap to success. When you partner with Impact Washington, you get expertise in all areas of your industry. By focusing on employee skill development, leadership management, and technological acceleration, we create long-lasting and successful strategies that help you become more globally competitive.