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Corewerks Inc

Corewerks designs, manufactures and sells the next generation of office chairs, taking ergonomics onto a new level.The CoreWerks Chairs are designed to eliminate sitting induced low back pain, enhance metabolism and increase alertnes.Oriiginally invented to help the founder’s son avoid the need for spine fusion surgery, indicated to prevent spinal collapse from severe neuro-muscular scoliosis, the CoreWerks Technology transfers the sensory motor integration benefits of sitting on a horse or in a kayak into everyday seating devices, ranging from office chairs to wheelchair seat inserts.Through a patented mechanism, sitting in a CoreWerks chair exercises your core muscles the entire time you are seated, leading to greater health of your core muscles, feeling of wellbeing and alertness, all because yoiu are allowed to move and are properly supported without being confined.CoreWerks builds these chairs in Bellingham with the key parts made in Bellingham and Mukilteo.

Horst Schaaf, D.Sc.
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