Lean Manufacturing for Small Business

Small and medium-sized manufacturers have had a tough time competing in the global marketplace. Many manufacturers have learned that making the organizational commitment to master the concepts of Lean will increase the focus on the customer.  

Lean manufacturing removes and/or minimizes non-value work activity from the manufacturing process, streamlining all company processes from the front office, throughout production to the way products are distributed.  A key element of Lean is the concept of "continuous improvement" which recognizes that deploying Lean is never complete.

Our continuous improvement experts work with manufacturers to combine effective process improvements with engaged employees to produce efficient, agile business operations that reduce time, motion, material and energy wastes.

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Lean Assessment

How lean are you currently operating?

Lean Principle

Team activities to bring lean principles to life.


Creating a culture of lean

Value Stream Mapping

Defining your current processes.

Learn MoRE

Facility Layouts

Creating ideal production pathways.

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