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AWB Annual Manufacturing Week Bus Tour and Video Series

10/4/2023 12:00 AM
10/11/2023 12:00 AM
Washington State

AWB’s annual Manufacturing Week bus tour and video series raises awareness of the important role manufacturing plays in our state, and supports the successful growth of our state’s manufacturing sector as we work towards achieving the goal of doubling manufacturing in Washington by 2031.

Impact Washington is proud to join the tour this year as it shines a spotlight on Washington’s makers and calls attention to ways policymakers, economic development groups, chamber of commerce leaders and others can support manufacturers.

Challenges facing manufacturing include a complex regulatory environment, relatively high taxes and a skills gap making it difficult to find qualified workers. This is all on top of the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus.

The annual tour visits shop floors in every corner of the state and in every sort of industry, from mint flavoring and agriculture to metal fabrication and pharmaceuticals. It’s not unusual to start the day at a silicon wafer facility, visit a fruit packer, stop by a drone manufacturer, then end the day with high school students working on small engine repair.

This year’s tour will take place October 4-11, 2023.

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