Food and Beverage Production and Processing


Impact Washington partners with NIST, industry associations, and local community colleges and universities to deliver effective lean training programs and develop growth strategies.

Jams, condiments, granola, ciders, baked goods, frozen fruit, gourmet popcorn… there’s no shortage of foods and beverages being manufactured in Washington State. And like all industries, food manufacturing can benefit from proven, powerful lean methods.

Impact Washington is a non-profit organization committed to the growth and continued success of Washington State’s food manufacturing industry. Working with our team means tapping into a deep network of tools, resources, and manufacturing expertise. We leverage manufacturing grants, certification programs, events, and on-site training to help empower employees and transform businesses into powerful, agile operations. Learn more about how Impact Washington helps our state’s food manufacturing industry below.

Food safety, lean practices, and warehouse management are all specific areas Impact Washington focuses on to help local food manufacturers. Our goal is to help you cut costs, boost productivity, and build sustainable business practices. By implementing effective systems that prioritize food safety and lean processes, we help you become more globally competitive. 

We offer training courses, such as Food Processing and FSMA Compliance and Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation: Lean 101. Lean Manufacturing has quickly become an efficient way to reduce unnecessary waste - from literal (such as overproduction) to waste within systems and processes. Enforcing a lean warehouse management system can benefit your company in the long run. Through our Food Processing training program, our experts can help you comply with food safety regulations. 

Prioritizing safe business practices puts your manufacturing company in a great position with food regulations. Impact Washington is here to create systems and processes that will stay and succeed for the long haul. Learn more about our training programs or set up a consultation with us today.