Grants & JSP

Manufacturing Grants, Vouchers and Job Skills Training Program (JSP)

Impact Washington administers numerous federal, state and local grants. Bookmark this page and check back often to find information about currently available funds that you may be eligible to apply for. 

Growth Grant for Underserved Enterprises

Consulting and Training to Assist Underserved Manufacturers in Their Development and Growth

Thanks to a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce’s new Small Business Innovation Fund (SBIF), Impact Washington will provide the assistance that small manufacturing businesses desperately need to develop and grow. Grant supports historically underserved communities such as women-owned, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Indigenous-owned and those located in underserved, low-income, and rural parts of the state. 

LeaRn more about Grant and How To Apply 

Lean and Green - Ecology Grant

Lean into Sustainability with Impact Washington and the Washington State Department of Ecology 

By using lean practices and environmental methods to decrease operating costs and reduce pollutants, this program can improve your productivity and enhance the competitiveness of your business. Make your operations Lean and Green to stay ahead of the curve.

For facilities that use, release, or throw away certain toxic chemicals, an Ecology grant can cover up to 50%-80% (up to $24k) of the project consulting fees (depending on the potential environmental savings).


Washington State Safe Start EDA Grant

Unique Collaboration of Public, Private and Philanthropic Organizations to Keep Small Businesses Open and Protected

Our no-cost technical support is part of a federal grant package that supports statewide Safe Start projects to restart businesses, equitably rebuild our economy and strengthen our resilience against future downturns. The grant funds support a number of initiatives ultimately aimed at helping Washington small businesses and strengthening core industry clusters. Some of the projects are new, but several build from existing efforts with the collaboration partners.

Holistically, the program provides a broad range of support to help businesses address key areas of need, such as prevention of COVID infection and transmission, and make connections to financial resources for immediate and future resiliency:

  • Restart projects such as Impact Washington no-cost Preventative/Health Assessment include technical assistance for businesses to reopen and stay open safely.
  • Rebuild projects provide businesses an array of training and coaching services to help them retool or rethink their operations.

Every small and medium-sized manufacturer can apply for technical assistance, and we encourage all in the underserved and underrepresented businesses (BIPOC, Women, LGBTQ, super small and RURAL) to apply. 


Job Skills Program (JSP)

Develop and Maintain a Skilled Workforce 

Washington’s Job Skills Program (JSP) serves to develop the skills of new or existing workers, retain and grow living wage jobs, and help companies improve their competitiveness to strengthen Washington’s economy.

Funds are awarded on a first-approved, rolling basis throughout the fiscal year. Applications are reviewed by a standing sub-committee of the Workforce Training Customer Advisory Committee. 

Job Skills Program Priorities: All industry clusters are supported by the Job Skills Program whenever possible, and awards are spread to all corners of the state, including rural areas.

Job Skills Program Shared Investments: JSP is a dollar-for-dollar matching grant program, and at least 50% of training expenses are covered by the business through cash and/or in-kind payments. Lasting working relationships develop between the business and the educational institution as both parties engage in the development and implementation of a training plan.

View 2021-2023 Job Skills Program Progress Report Here


Export Voucher Program

Grow Your Export Business by Leveraging STEP Vouchers

Qualifying companies who are new to exports or entering new markets can get up to $10,000 to offset expenses. Funded in part by the SBA’s State Trade Expansion Program, the vouchers can be used to defray trade show or trade mission fees, airfare, interpreter and translation services, export training programs and more. See the STEP flyer for details

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