Growth Strategy Consulting

Growth Strategy Consulting Through Analysis, strategies, and product development

Impact Washington has been in the growth strategy consulting business for 20 years driving growth and we have yet to meet a manufacturing company who doesn’t want to grow and increase revenue. It is the number one goal of most small and mid sized businesses.

We live in an ever changing, dynamic business environment. Market growth opportunities and strategies today may not be the same as they were when you started your business, or even as last year. We take the fundamental principles of marketing and apply them to your needs.

Our growth strategy consulting is equipped with an integrated menu based approach to create the most effective growth plan for your business. Our Growth Strategies programs are customized to meet your unique needs. We would recommend including the following steps:

Market Potential Analysis

A market potential analysis identifies strategic growth opportunities specific to your business based on current market conditions. This may include ideas for new product development and suggestions on new market expansion.

Competitive & Financial Analysis

Our in depth competitive and financial analyses determine which strategic growth opportunities provide the strongest return on investment.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Once we have identified your top priority growth strategies, we embark on the development of an integrated marketing strategy to drive revenue.