High-Performance Leadership Development in Washington

Take leadership skills to the next level across your organization.

At Impact Washington we believe that you don’t simply train leaders: you develop them. We offer leadership development services that go far beyond a typical one-time training course or workshop because we know that lasting leadership development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable. Understanding the dynamics and preferences of your aspiring leaders is critical to developing successful leadership training programs.

Our leadership development specialists and coaches can help your leaders develop the skills needed to effectively support high performing individuals and teams. We’re attuned to the needs of Washington manufacturers and know the unique leadership challenges the industry provides. We address the challenges that every manager confronts on a daily basis as well as individual challenges your team may be facing, while providing effective tools, resources and strategies to support the growth and development of your leaders.

Our program is based on individualized leadership coaching designed specifically for your top performers. Some of our work for your manufacturing organization may include helping you develop a comprehensive succession plan for your core business areas, identifying future potential leaders, and developing a leadership program based on your specific business objectives.

High-Performance Leadership Development from Impact Washington cultivates leaders who learn how to replicate effective leadership skills in their team including decision making, goal setting, communications, problem-solving, conflict resolution and more, while focused on systemic strategies and approaches that drive desired outcomes across the organization.