Our experts leverage deep industry experience to help aerospace manufacturers achieve long-term success with everything from supplier guidelines to lean programs.

We have helped multiple aerospace manufacturers cultivate success and improve company culture through comprehensive training programs. One timeless example of this is Heath Tecna (dba Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors). Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors supplies interior products for passenger aircraft, aircraft OEMs, and serving aircraft lessors. They recruited Impact Washington for our Lean Training and Implementation Program. Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors included three charities in their impact initiative. Their goal was to reduce setup times and labor by 50%. Through our extensive program, they saw improved employee morale and overall positive impact on the community. Read the success story to find out exactly how we helped Heath Tecna.

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Maritime Manufacturing

Learn how our specialists work with Washington State’s maritime business community to help grow margins, handle quality standards, and more. 

Impact Washington is committed to improving competitiveness and overall success of maritime manufacturers. Our lean manufacturing programs, strategy consulting, and Maritime innovation methods are crucial in creating globally competitive Maritime manufacturers. 

Our Lean and Green 101: Principles of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation program introduces ways to incorporate lean principles into environmental sustainability. Particularly in the Maritime Industry, prioritizing sustainability can be difficult. Our Lean and Green program helps set your manufacturing company on the right track to minimize environmental waste and improve not only environmental sustainability, but savings, profitability, and competitiveness.

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Food Manufacturing

From food safety compliance to lean principles and growth strategy, we’ve committed an array of local partners, tools, and expertise to supporting Washington’s vital food and beverage industry.

Impact Washington is dedicated to helping the food manufacturing industry succeed. We offer a variety of programs, workshops, and training to food manufacturers. From our Food Safety Compliance Training Workshops to our FSMA GAP Assessment - Preventative Controls for Human Food program, we are here to ensure you meet and exceed food safety and quality expectations. 

Yakima Chief Hopunion, a global hop supplier based in Eastern Washington, took part in our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to effectively meet sustainability standards and responsible business practices. The results were an exceptional long-term plan and commitment to sustainability. From providing an understanding of risks and opportunities to highlighting opportunities to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, the GRI was a crucial framework that provided a long-term sustainability standard to Yakima Chief Hopunion. 

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Consult With Us! 

Impact Washington serves as the local MEP representative for Washington state. While our training programs and workshops provide specific goals and steps to help manufacturers improve productivity and efficiency, we also offer consulting services. We’re here to ensure all industries find success, which may not look the same for each one. Impact Washington is happy to consult with manufacturers to aid their endeavors through programs and training that we feel are best for them. If you’re not sure where to start, set up a consultation with us today. 

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