Principals of Lean Manufacturing with Live Simulation

Lean and Green 101

Lean is defined as the systematic elimination of waste through continuous improvement. Environmental waste impacts competitiveness, the bottom line, relationships with customers, facilities, and operations. This is entry level workshop promotes the principals of lean and supports environmental sustainability.

Workshop Description:

This workshop will provide a practical overview, real-world success stories and the hands-on tools needed to apply Lean and Green thinking to include overlooked environmental waste, including the seven key environmental wastes that represent potential for significant savings, profitability, competitiveness and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Participants will learn how to define value from the perspective of your customer and identify environmental waste. They will learn about various lean concepts and be able to apply them to simple improvement projects.  Individuals are guided through the transformation of an imaginary company - from a traditional manufacturing environment to a lean work environment.  Four levels of simulation will be conducted with training and discussion between sessions. High level of involvement from class attendees is required to maximize learning effectiveness.

In this introductory course, participants will learn the following and how each of these improvements affect the energy, raw materials, and water consumption:

  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce floor space
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve cash flow
This course is designed for:

Company leadership, supervisors, and key line personnel


Lean and Green 101 is a one-day workshop with live simulation that delivers an entry-level introduction into environmental sustainability. The Live simulation process is utilized to help workshop attendees understand these areas:

Lean Factory - Level 1

  • Work teams
  • Workplace Organization (5S)
  • Visual Controls
  • Point-Of-Use Storage (POUS)
  • Layout

Lean Factory - Level II

  • Quick Changeover
  • Total Production Maintenance (TPM)
  • Batch Size Reduction (WIP)/One-piece flow
  • Quality at the Source

Lean Factory - Level III

  • Pull Systems / Kanban
  • Cellular Manufacturing / Flow
  • Standardized Work
Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Be able to implement proven and dynamic process for green waste elimination that build on existing continuous improvement processes and Lean thinking
  • Integrate Lean & Green process with existing processes and programs
  • Apply Lean tools to environmental savings, green value stream mapping
  • Earn a Lean and Green 101 Certification upon completion of workshop

1 Day/ 8 hours