Lean and Green (W.A.S.T.E.) Coaching Programs

AfforDable lean/green approach to reduce waste, improve quality In Your Organization

Are you:

  • Struggling to find new and untapped low-cost opportunities to reduce your organization’s energy and environmental impacts?
  • Searching for affordable ways to learn and get support for implementing a successful Lean Six Sigma project into your organization?
  • Looking to integrate environmental projects into your organization’s continuous improvement initiatives to reduce operational and ecological costs?

Lean and Six Sigma rely on a continuous improvement culture to remove process waste. When applied to environmental wastes, these methods help uncover opportunities and inefficiencies in your facility that fall outside traditional approaches. Successful Lean and Green Projects will reduce environmental impacts while driving bottom line business results. 


Program Details:

This program will involve 5-10 interested organizations that meet regularly to reduce your facility’s environmental impacts and costs. We will help your project team of 2-4 people identify an ecological project at your facility with support from your top management. Through customized training and coaching/support calls, we will help you apply Lean and Six Sigma methods to complete an improvement project.

Your Lean and Green Project can focus on reducing chemicals, water, energy, hazardous waste, air emissions, or solid waste. Support calls will ensure project progress, answer questions, and guide the project to completion.

A Lean and Green certificate from the Washington State Department of Ecology is provided upon completing the program/project. 

We offer two tiers of projects: The W.A.S.T.E. WALK is designed for smaller companies and the W.A.S.T.E. PROJECT for larger companies with dedicated resources for environmental or process improvement initiatives. Impact Washington can help you select the right project for your company. 

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"We can’t thank Impact Washington and the Washington State Department of Ecology enough for their support and guidance as we worked through reducing the use of toxic chemicals, prevent pollution, increase energy efficiency, and waste management best practices."

-Brandon Sizemore, Managing Director, Founder's Choice Cabinetry 

Program Details

  W.A.S.T.E Walk W.A.S.T.E Project   
Training Time 4 Hours  10 Hours
Training Delivery Recorded Live
Program Duration 3 Months 6 Months
Cohort Coaching Sessions 2 per month (6 total) 4 per month (24 total)
Cohort Coaching Session Time 12 hours 40 hours
Project Work Estimation 24 hours 90 hours
Total Time Estimation Per Team        40 hours 100 hours
Recognition Lean/Green Certification-Level 1     

Lean/Green Certification-Level 2      

Cost Per Organization $70 $2,440
Participants per organization 1-2 1-4
Cost Savings Estimation $1,000 $ 5,000
Max # of Companies  10  5

Each company will identify and complete a project that can achieve top management support and aligns with environmental goals.

The goal for each engagement is to save at least $1000 (W.A.S.T.E. Walk) or $5,000 (W.A.S.T.E. Project) or each organization. Previous successes include:

  • Columbia Paint & Coatings recovered 49,200 lbs per year of paint solids from wash water. They reduced wastewater by 36,900 gallons per year based on a few Lean and environment events.
  • Woodfold Manufacturing reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by nearly 1,000 lbs per year. It diverted 6 tons per year of solid PVC waste from the landfill through opportunities identified in a value stream mapping event.
  • Romac Industires, Inc reduced the quantity of a hazardous chemical involved in the chemical processing of metal components– the result was a dramatic reduction in chemical use and waste management activities, improving process quality, facility safety, and significant cost reduction ($60K+/year). 

  • Receive coaching on an existing project to keep it on track or kick-off a project with expert guidance and support.
  • Learn from weekly coaching calls with Lean Six Sigma and Department of Ecology experts
  • Learn popular Lean and Six Sigma methods and understand how they apply in your facility
  • Present a successful Lean Six Sigma project that reduces an environmental impact in your facility
  • Achieve a Lean and Green certificate
  • Integrate environmental and energy considerations and benefits into future continuous improvement efforts
  • Process, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers
  • Environmental Health and Safety managers and engineers
  • Sustainability professionals
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Facility Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Process Improvement Specialists and Consultants

Download W.A.S.T.E Program One-Sheet Here