COVID-19 Manufacturing Resources

In light of the impact of the Coronavirus throughout the United States and the rest of the world, our organization is doing all we can to ensure businesses are prepared.

As such, we're offering a list of places where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies can be ordered or sold.  This is a shortlist and is not comprehensive.

  • Add your company and product information to Supply Connector. The Supply Connector, a nationwide resource is collaborative project to connect businesses and communities with PPE manufacturers and suppliers. It provides a searchable database of businesses that are providing PPE. The system also serves to connect businesses up and down the supply chain from raw materials, manufacturing needs, packaging, distribution, etc. 

  • AWB PPE Connect connects your facility with manufacturers who can supply you and your employees with PPE to purchase. This is a free services where you identifying which PPE you need and quantities. Once you complete the form you will be matched with manufacturers that match your supply needs and you can request a quote.

  • AWB PPE Connect form to sell PPE. Fill out their form you'd like to be added to the list of suppliers of PPE.

  • The FEMA PPE Exchange dashboard is a place where the private sector posts PPE that is needed or available for purchase.
  • Amazon Small Business Resources including purchasing Infection Prevention Essentials that protect your employees as they return to work
  • The National Association of Manufacturers has created a COVID-19 portal on its Manufacturers Marketplace. This is a free site for manufacturers to register what they can create, and a place to find suppliers. Washington Department of Commerce has a portal for manufacturers to register. The State of Washington is seeking manufacturers who are willing to re-tool to fill shortages of specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection-control products to support our medical system, first responders, public health and care facilities.