Resource Partners

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Kevin Proctor

Human Resources | Safety and Risk Management

Kristin Kautz

Workforce Development | Operational Excellence

Ben Morley

Lean and Six Sigma | Operational Excellence | Strategic Planning

Sandra King

Business Process and ERP Application Management

Troy Ojalehto

Robotics and Automation Intregration

Paul Hamacher

Strategic Planning | Business Consulting

Dr. Janna Hamlett

Food and Beverage Processing

Howard Hale

Marketing | Video Creation

Dave Henderson

IT Support & Services | CMMC

Arnie Hendricks

Financial Management | Succession Planning

David McFeeters-Krone

Emerging Technology Expert

Raj Sidhu

Managed I.T. Services | Compliance (CMMC, PCI, HIPAA) | Cloud migrations | I.T. Strategy

Ken Ives

AS9100 Quality Consultant | Internal Auditing | Contract Inspection

Will Kitchen

Operational Excellence | Solutions Strategist

Karl Webber

Lean Manufacturing | Operational Excellence

Gene Hamacher

Process Improvement & Problem Solving | Leadership Development | Project Management

Carlos Veliz

Business Strategist | Business Development Executive | SME Cultural Trainer

Jerry Leishman

Cybersecurity & Compliance | NIST/CMMC/DFARS

Michael Schmich

Workforce Development | Operational Excellence

Gordy Anderson

Human Resources Leadership | Coaching and Leadership Development

Richard Baker

Operational Excellence | Strategic Planning

Dan Kocer, P.E.

President, Owner, and Founder at Kocer Consulting and Engineering

Wai Ho Ng

Operations and Systems

Norman Yu

Operations and Systems

Jon Szalai

Operations and Systems Consulting

Chase Mueller

Operations and Supply Chain Consulting

Dan Wahlstrom

Operations and Systems Consulting