Resource Partners

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Kevin Proctor

Human Resources | Safety and Risk Management

Kristin Kautz

Workforce Development | Operational Excellence

Ben Morley

Lean and Six Sigma | Operational Excellence | Strategic Planning

Sandra King

Business Process and ERP Application Management

Troy Ojalehto

Robotics and Automation Intregration

Paul Hamacher

Strategic Planning | Business Consulting

Dr. Janna Hamlett

Food and Beverage Processing

Howard Hale

Marketing | Video Creation

Dave Henderson

IT Support & Services | CMMC

Arnie Hendricks

Financial Management | Succession Planning

David McFeeters-Krone

Emerging Technology Expert

Raj Sidhu

Managed I.T. Services | Compliance (CMMC, PCI, HIPAA) | Cloud migrations | I.T. Strategy

Ken Ives

AS9100 Quality Consultant | Internal Auditing | Contract Inspection

Will Kitchen

Operational Excellence | Solutions Strategist

Karl Webber

Lean Manufacturing | Operational Excellence

Gene Hamacher

Process Improvement & Problem Solving | Leadership Development | Project Management

Carlos Veliz

Business Strategist | Business Development Executive | SME Cultural Trainer

Jerry Leishman

Cybersecurity & Compliance | NIST/CMMC/DFARS

Michael Schmich

Workforce Development | Operational Excellence

Gordy Anderson

Human Resources Leadership | Coaching and Leadership Development

Richard Baker

Operational Excellence | Strategic Planning