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Patrick J. Ryan

Patrick J. Ryan

Patrick Ryan is the President of RCG Strategies, Inc. and has worked in the areas of strategy, operations, materials, engineering, quality, legal, customer systems, and business development. He brings over 35 years of experience to clients in North America, Europe, and South America and has been involved with Lean since his first visit to Japan in 1979. He provides clients with expertise in policy deployment, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, total quality management, and new product development.

Currently doing Supply Chain Management work with a major aerospace client to assist them in rolling out their Lean Enterprise system for their entire supply chain. This includes performing Lean assessments to baseline the suppliers’ current state and assisting the suppliers to create a future state and implement those action plans to achieve the future state. This involves the use of most of the Lean Enterprise tools.

Led a high level team for an aerospace client that created and implemented a corporate-wide Lean initiative for their Lean roadmap to roll out to all plants. This involved working with tier 1 suppliers and third party logistics to fix their systemic processes. Union cooperation was successfully obtained enabling the deployment throughout the corporation.

Engagement leader for a major industrial equipment manufacturer. Helped to establish a continuous improvement office and trained the staff including a corporate university with training curriculums. Created lean training materials and trained their trainers. Client has been able to grow 50+% annually as a result and become the market leader in their industry.

Engagement leader for a major aerospace fastener manufacturer. Created a product Model Line resulting in a 4X revenue improvement in less than one year. Trained the trainers and all employees in the Toyota Production System principles.

Provides Lean Enterprise training and conducts Kaizens with clients throughout the country to instruct their employees in the uses and application of Lean utilizing a train-the-trainer methodology. Provided clients with the knowledge and expertise to re-engineer their New Product Development processes enabling them to reduce their time-to-market from concept to launch dramatically.

Patrick has served as President of two custom manufacturing companies. He has held positions of President, CEO, COO, Executive Vice-President of Operations, Senior Vice-President of Operations, Vice- President of Procurement, Vice-President of Engineering, Vice-President of Materials, and Vice- President of Manufacturing for several Fortune 100 corporations.


  • Bachelor of Science – Washington University


  • C.P.M. (Certified Purchasing Manager) from the National Association of Purchasing Management
  • C.P.P. (Certified Purchasing Professional) from the American Purchasing Society