Scouting Opportunities

Current MEP National Network™ Open Scouting Opportunities

Companies interested in being match with a current open opportunity follow the directions below:

  1. Review the below current scouting opportunities from around the country and Puerto Rico.
  2. If there is an opportunity you are interested in responding to, email your information to Be sure to include the following information in your email
  • Company Name
  • Primary Contact
  • Title 
  • Phone
  • Email 
  • Linkedin 
  • Website
  • Address 
  • Services / Capabilities
  • Please note one of the pick one of the following options: 
    • We currently produce this exact item,
    • We currently manufacturer a similar item,
    • We have produced this item in the past and could produce it again,
    • We possess the capabilities to product this item.
    • We can product this item with minimal retooling

Your information will be submitted to NIST MEP to be delivered to the company seeking a supplier. If there is a match, they will contact you directly.

Current Open Opportunities

Dual Isotope Methane Analyzer 

  • Similar to the Aerodyne system.
  • Capable of measuring methane concentrations and isotope ratios (d13CH4, d12CH3D) in ambient air.
  • This instrument will be integrated with an existing platform of instruments used to directly measure fluxes of CH4 by eddy covariance over a range of area source types (land fill, municipal waste, agricultural sources, terrestrial ecosystems).
  • Combined with direct measurement of emission rates, information on the isotopic characteristics of CH4 allow for development of signatures of specific sources, characterization of the relative contribution of source types to ambient methane, and investigation of CH4 production mechanisms. This combination of measurements will facilitate improvement of emission inventories and process-based CH4 emission models.
  • This is a custom built analytical instrument for measurement of methane isotopes in the atmosphere. 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/4/2023

Coir erosion control fabric 

  • The material should be 100% biodegradable (e.g., does not include plastic netting)
  • The material should be BABA compliant (e.g., 55% of the components are made in USA)
  • coconut matting (commonly)
  • Posted 9/6/23; Closes 10/6/2023

Wire Straightening Machine

  • The machine must have capability to straighten, crimp, and cut high carbon and stainless steel wire.
  • Uptime: 99% in a 24/7 365 day operation, Yield: 99%, Process Speed: 2,500 ft/hr - 5,000 ft/hr, Automatic Set-Up from Recipe Selection, Dim: (5' wide x 12' long) or less
  • High Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel up to 250 ksi.
  • Must meet OSHA safety requirements
  • 20,000+ ft per shift
  • Posted 9/6/23; Closes 10/6/2023

 Vat Dyes 

  • Vat dyes are water-insoluble and can be reduced to their water-soluble leuco form in the presence of a reducing agent along with a strong alkali before dying.
  • These dyes are resistant to acids, alkalis, and strong oxidizing bleaches used in commercial laundering.
  • We can accept an all-inclusive price, or we can supply the yarn on dye tubes, and the dye house just dyes the yarn.
  • Posted 9/6/23; Closes 10/6/2023 

Non-woven Hygiene Product

  • New non-woven hygiene product with 3-dimensional core insert to extend time and effectiveness of use.
  • Product drawing available. Insert approximately 3" L x 1.5" W x 1" D Overall product similar to traditional winged pads up to 10" L x 7" wide.
  • Super absorbent insert material to extend release time to the supporting pad. Material to be similar to Chitosan but open to alternatives including Kenaf, natural bamboo, cotton, rayon, and others.
  • Posted 8/9/23; Closes 10/8/2023

Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Chemical Imaging System 

  • Chemical Imaging System with Nitrogen generator comparable to Agilent 8700 LDIR manufactured in Australia.
  • Perform microplastic polymer identification, particle size measurements and particle count. within one system to eliminate the need for external data processing.
  • Detect microplastic particles in water, sediments, and biotic tissue sample medium.
  • Process samples without damage.
  • Be capable of analyzing particles from 10 µm - 5000 µm.
  • Obtain single particle spectra in 1-2 seconds, instead of 30-60 seconds, such that data for a 10mm x 10mm area can be acquired within <5 minutes at a 5 µm pixel size.
  • No required liquid nitrogen. 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Carbon Footprint Analysis Services 

  • Carbon Footprint Analysis A service that can help a company (a small manufacturer and wholesaler of bicycle components) perform a life cycle analysis / carbon footprint analysis of their packaging and process.
  • Thru Axles for Bikes 12mm and 15mm Thru Axles the Robert Axle Project makes thru axles for bikes.
  • A Carbon Footprint Analysis will tabulate: - Emissions generated during transportation of raw materials, product, or waste - Process emissions (specifically packaging) for sustainable packaging.
  • Oversea standards will be required. 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Organic Solvent Evaporator System and Accessories similar to SyncorePlus 

  • This system is used for large volume (300-1000 mL) evaporation of organic solvents from sample extracts. 
  • The instrument must evaporate the solvent from up to 12 samples simultaneously which is a requirement due to the large number of samples to be processed.
  • BABA
  • All certifications for laboratory equipment to be utilized in the United States are applicable.
  • All components used for solvent extraction made from selected low-extractable materials and certified as usable for PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) samples. 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

 Various Telecommunication Parts 

  • Major telecommunication company in Alaska received federal funding to relocate their equipment. 
  • Relocation materials need to be BABA complement. 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Gravimetric Pipette Calibration System for Multi-channels 

  • The gravimetric pipette calibration system is needed to calibrate multichannel pipettes. 
  • The instrument must be able to calibrate up to 12 channel pipettes in a single dispense. 
  • The instrument must have a single load cell. 
  • The package will consist of a balance, a module for multichannel, required weights to verify the balance, suction pump, necessary software, software validation.
  • BABA 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

 Complete PCB board 

  • Complete PCB board for use in the PulStar G3 system
  • Potential for a full box build might be an option as well 
  • Internal Sense Technology part
  • PCB board approx 6 in x 5 in with max hight os parts approx 1.5 in IPC-610, Class 2 workmanship standards
  • Lead free solder with both surface and through hole parts required
  • ISO 13485, ISO 9001
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Hot forged Tie Rods and Ball Joints 

  • 1.)Type of material: Steel (SAE1045) 2). Size: SBJ 90mm(L) x 90mm(W) x 20mm(H), 0.5kgs TTE 225mm(L) x 50mm(W) x 26mm(H),1.0kgs
  • IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Looking for a company that has either made parts for Toyota or is currently making parts for Toyota
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Transformer Elbows, Bushing, Switches 

  • Looking for distribution transformer elbows, bushings and switches
  • Distribution transformer components 2kv to 35kv
  • Various sizes Elbow 900A or less current under load rating break IEEE 386 Standard designed and tested Connector class rating of 35kv to 15kv Load break or dead break class Operating voltage – maximum line-to-ground 21.1kv to 8.3kv BIL – impulse withstand 1.2 x 50 microsecond wave 150kv to 95kv Bushings Rated per IEEE 386 15kv,25kv and 35kv Switches 15kV up to 38kV
  • BABA
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 10/20/2023

Portable / Height Adjustable Grill 

  • Inventor has developed Portable / Height Adjustable Grill and would like to find a manufacturer who is willing to produce, market, and sell for a royalty fee.
  • Per Specs. Provided via Solidworks upon request.
  • Posted 8/30/2023; Closes 10/29/2023


  • Casting: T-PIN T-Pin with hole for cotter pin Material: 0.7 lbs ASTM A536-84 Grade 65-45-12, Hunter aluminum plate 8"x3" 1/4" diameter
  • Posted 8/2/23; Closes 10/31/2023

 Custom wound Motor 

  • Manufacturer of sealless can pumps looking for a domestic electric motor winding supplier.
  • Custom motor winding supplier to wind motors per Teikoku USA's specifications
  • 56 frame. UL 1446 wire spec. metric wire dimensions 
  • Posted 9/20/23; Closes 11/4/2023 

 Drawn Copper Tubing 

  • Copper tubing of specified cross section to be machined into completed parts on automated machining centers
  • This will be the first of several profiles being sought. Successful supplier will be asked to quote on additional profiles.
  • BABA
  • Outside Rectangle .737 x .466/.455 with .015+/-.010 corner radii. Symmetrical Inside rectangle .462/.432 x .326/.323 with inside corner radii .010 +/-.005. The extrusion overall length is 10 foot. Note: Wall dimensions .149/.145 (2 times) and .070/.066 (2 times)
  • Material: 120 Copper Alloy, 1/4 Hard. Hardness Rockwell B20-B54
  • Posted 8/30/2023; Closes 12/28/2023

DC Fast Charger

  • DC Fast Charger (Rated Power Level: 20kW - 150kW) charger to support EPA's Clean School Bus program.
  • Posted 6/5/23; Closes 1/5/2024

Level 2 EV Charger

  • Level 2 (Rated Power Level: <10kW) charger to support EPA's Clean School Bus program.
  • Approximately 16" x 16" x 5 " (but sizing can vary slightly).
  • Posted 6/5/23; Closes 1/5/2024