Workforce Development

A Systems Approach For Optimal Results and Retaining Top Talent

Successfully engaging, training and upskilling your people takes more than just an occasional training session. It takes a strategy.


A thoughtfully designed workforce development strategy can reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, enhance your ability to leverage new technologies, improve customer service and lower costs. The right workforce development strategy can also improve safety and facilitate business expansion.

There are a lot of questions around Workforce Development however, if any of the following challenges sound familiar, we can help:

  • You’re spending too much time firefighting - and not enough time advancing your business goals
  • You want your employees to see a long-term future with you and help the business succeed
  • It’s hard to find and hire good people - and even tougher to retain them
  • It takes too long to train and upskill people (you never have enough time to do it "right.")
  • Some employees are "aging out" and their expertise will be missed as they do
  • You don't have enough skilled people and robust processes to make the right decisions and solve business challenges
  • You want to enhance and accelerate your people's development and career growth

Our Approach is a Highly Customized Program:
Phase 1: Establish Your Organizational Structure and Align it with your Business Goals

Ensure stability of where you are headed and how your plan will be communicated to your workforce.

Phase 2: Build Your Team and Leader Capabilities

Create processes that help new and existing employees become efficient faster, drawing on their full potential to keep them engaged.

Phase 3: Engage, Upskill and Empower Employees

Solve business challenges with processes that focus on engagement, accountability and the ability to solve problems on a continuous basis.

Our Approach helps you systematically build your people's capabilities by engaging and training them, aligning them with your business direction, and preparing and empowering them to get value-added work done and help solve your business challenges.

This program will allow you to onboard, train and retain productive, empowered and satisfied workforce by:

  • Aligning your strategy and your people - and attracting, training and engaging them.
  • Developing your team leaders and building a strong training and development culture
  • Engaging and empowering your people to solve your business challenges

Benefits for manufacturing businesses who take advantage of Workforce Solutions System include:

  • 50%-90% decrease in time-to-proficiency for new hires
  • 25% reduction in non-value-added work
  • 25%-50% less turnover
  • Larger hiring pool, with increases ranging from 30% to 100%
  • Higher labor efficiency due to a more flexible workforce
  • Long-term savings that allow for more specialized hiring
  • Streamlined processes at every step in an employee’s development
Our program starts with a Businesses Assessment

This no-cost assessment will examine all facets of your workforce development and establish your current status plus identify areas where you can better align a strong workforce development plan to support your overall business strategy.

Next, using a combination of training and implementation conducted systemically to ensure that changes are sustainable, we'll help you:
  • Provide an understandable path to solving your hiring and training challenges
  • Develop in-house trainers able to produce structured on the job training modules and train others
  • Deliver a measurably better and faster “upskilling” of in-house trainers and development of standard work instructions
  • Prepare your workforce to get value-added work done and solve business challenges

Our highly trained HR Consultants and Strategic Advisors help you review opportunities to achieve improved productivity and consistent results through creating policies, processes and procedures that ensure workplace activities are tied to your organization’s long-term strategic goals. Our offerings include:

We offer programs for every organizational level
Organizational Structure and Alignment - EXECUTIVES
Build Team and Leader Capabilities - Mangers, Supervisors, Leads
Engage, Upskill and Empower - Individuals