Executive Leadership Development


Developing and participating in a thoughtful, strategic leadership development program will let your executives develop the skills and knowledge base they need to move up within your organization and prosper in their career.

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In the wise words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant in life. Nowhere is that more evident than in a dynamic manufacturing organization like yours, where personnel or strategic direction may change due to various internal and external factors.

When change points your company in a new direction, it's the perfect time to look at it with fresh eyes to ensure you're well-positioned for future success. Your business needs to develop and execute a change in your strategic direction - and implement it rapidly. You may not have the right - and adequately trained - executives in place to take your company where it needs to be. Your company may require a crisp re-focus on your overall organizational management approach. 

Whatever your scenario, Impact Washington can help - with an Executive Leadership Experience that supports high velocity organizational change.


Because each manufacturing firm is unique, we create a customized leadership development process that addresses your business needs while reflecting your company vision and culture. Our model is based on four distinct phases and is highly flexible, so we can partner with you at any stage and incorporate elements from our coaching and leadership development program.


1. DIRECTION: We start by working with your senior executive team to develop or clarify your company’s core strategy for winning in your marketplace. This involves creating a one-page narrative of where the company is three to five years out, looking back. This narrative message is the "what" of leadership, and each executive will own this personally. An Impact Washington consultant will help you hone your narrative through challenging dialogue and writing support. 

Outcome: Your senior executive team will gain a clear vision of your target state, which they can share with your entire organization.

2. STRATEGY: Typically, this stage involves a two-day facilitated retreat with your executive team where you walk them through the narrative and the thinking behind it. The team will then, as a group, identify strategic projects to implement your collaborative vision. By working closely together, you and your team will own the “how.

Outcome:Your executive team will become aligned around - and committed to executing - the clearly defined strategic projects that will help your business achieve its goals.

3. DEVELOPMENT: In this facilitated leadership training retreat, your executive team will present the narrative and the strategic projects together. The larger team (executives, managers, and critical contributors) will align around the organization's target state. The team will receive training on the essential skills needed to implement the strategy for achieving it.

Outcome: The broader leadership team will become invested in, and dedicated to, your company's future success and will gain practical skills in managing your organization toward the target state.

4. MANAGEMENT: Based on what emerges from the three preceding steps, your organization will receive practical tools, disciplines, and procedures to manage your company daily and accelerate it toward its target state. These include problem-solving skills, better communication methods, meeting management, and other processes that can maximize employee performance and business results. Coaching and support will be available in areas where the team needs extra assistance, including the day-to-day skills they'll need to implement the steps above.

Outcome: Your company will be strategic, efficient, and aligned around a shared vision, with the necessary skillsets and practices in place to achieve your objective. This open, dynamic, and progress-centric approach will set a positive tone for your work environment and foster the growth and development of your future leaders.