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Business Evaluation

Assess Your Current State and Holistically Review Your Business

Impact Washington's no-cost Business Evaluation is a simple but powerful first step to systematically identify your strengths, weaknesses, and root causes of your most pressing challenges.

Using Our Customized Evaluation Process Designed Just for Manufacturers, We've Helped Hundreds of Companies:
  • Chart an understandable path to growth and improvement
  • Gain the benefit of fresh objective eyes on the business
  • Develop a phased, achievable way forward
  • Get value-added work done and solve business challenges

Manufacturers who take advantage of our Business Evaluation process gain a clear vision of what to prioritize as our process examines three business areas Operational Excellence, Growth and Innovation, and Workforce Solutions. 

If any of the issues below resonate with you, our Business Evaluation can provide clarity and direction. It will also provide your company with a working Roadmap to progress and improvement.

  • Your team barely keeps up with orders and doesn't have time to work on improvements.
  • A lack of communication and teamwork negatively impacts performance.
  • My organization has multiple competing priorities, and we'd benefit if our teams were more focused and aligned.
  • We need to grow our customer base.
  • Finding, retaining, upskilling, and hiring quality people is difficult.
  • We want to gain a more thorough understanding of product costing and margins.
  • We want to grow and innovate but aren't sure where to start.
  • We're considering automation, advanced technology, ERP, and other solutions but don’t know where to start.

Business Evaluation Philosophy

We are here to serve as your trusted business advisor. Impact Washington’s mission is to empower Washington manufacturers to excel in every facet of manufacturing.

We use up-to-date business theory and best practices to make the Business Evaluation output more robust and comprehensive.

It's our experience that often, a company may be "intuitively" aware of its strengths and weaknesses.  However, due to distractions and other pressing issues, we've found that companies often do not take a systematic approach to identify the hierarchy of these strengths and weaknesses or take the time to create implementation plans to accentuate the strengths and address the concerns. We find this partially true for small businesses where employees have multiple responsibilities. Consequently, these businesses cannot exploit their strengths and take advantage of their opportunities. More problematic, they do not shore up their weaknesses, thereby exposing themselves to higher risk.

We take a systematic approach to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company and describing step-by-step solutions for improvement.

To Make Our Business Evaluation Process More Comprehensive We:
  • Add Impact Washington recommendations of "best practices."
  • Interweave training and service recommendations in the business areas that your company has an opportunity to address
  • Develop the roadmap and implementation suggestions with the idea that they will be relatively "timeless solutions" and help guide your company when your organization is ready to address each functional area. For this reason, we think your time investment into the evaluation process is well worth it, as the Evaluation will retain its relevancy over time and can serve as a continuous improvement guide.

Business Evaluation Process

Individual Employee Survey

Simple, online survey taking about 10 minutes to complete.
The evaluation results are best when multiple individuals across the organizational hierarchy participate.

Assess Current Condition

Review your existing processes and tools, discuss how they align with your business goals, and identify critical issues.

Discuss Future State

Discuss future state goals

Review GAPS and Root Causes

Provide you with a roadmap for people and process management and a prioritized improvement plan.

Customized Implementation Plan

The roadmap will help your organization focus its efforts, business operations, and workforce systems. If applied, the recommendations of our assessment will help your organization align

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