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The Power of Phishing-Resistant Authenticators: Safeguarding Sensitive Data from Impersonation Attacks

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 | Cybersecurity | CMMC, Operational Excellence
If you own a computer, watch the news, or spend virtually any time online these days, you have probably heard the term “phishing.” Never in a positive context…and possibly becaus... Read More

Manufacturers’ Guide to Industry 4.0 Technologies

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 | Operational Excellence
The Go-To Resource For Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is transforming and digitalizing manufacturing today. From emerging technologies to the... Read More

Washington State's Partnership with Impact Washington-NIST MEP Promotes Lean and Green Manufacturing

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 | Lean and Green, Grants, Operational Excellence
Transforming Manufacturing with Lean and Green Practices Did you know that the Washington State Department of Ecology partners with Impact Washington-NIST MEP to provide manufacturers in... Read More

The Manufacturers’ Guide to Finding and Retaining Talent

Thursday, May 4, 2023 | Workforce Development
Improve and Enhance Your Employee Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement Employees matter. They are challenging to find and hard to replace, especially in today’s labor market. The longevity ... Read More

Maintain Your Eligibility for DoD Contracts: Updates to the CMMC

Thursday, April 27, 2023 | Cybersecurity | CMMC
Initially, the CMMC compliance deadline for defense contractors was 2026, with a gradual rollout for different contract types. However, the DoD recently announced that the new contract compliance dead... Read More

How Training Within Industry Helps Manufacturers Capture and Transfer Experience Know-How

Friday, April 21, 2023 | Workforce Development
Training Within Industry, commonly referred to as TWI, originated in the United States in the 1940s during World War II. According to the TWI Institute, a national network of industry professi... Read More

Make Food Safety A Top Priority And Ensure That You Meet All FSMA Requirements

Friday, April 21, 2023 | Food and Beverage
In the 1990s and early 2000s, the United States experienced a series of high-profile foodborne illness outbreaks. These incidents posed a significant public health risk and threatened the economic ... Read More

Everett Community College's AMTEC Hosts Successful Manufacturing Day Tours with Local Industry Partners and Manufacturers

Thursday, April 20, 2023 | Workforce Development, Manufacturing Day
The importance of manufacturing in the United States cannot be overstated. Manufacturing accounts for over 11% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP) and employs millions of Americans. Unfort... Read More

Meet Impact Washington's First Female Board of Directors Chair, Kelley Sowards

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 | News Release, Workforce Development, Her Story
March was Women’s History Month. The National Women’s History Alliance, which spearheaded the movement to recognize the month, has announced the women’s history theme for 2023 as ... Read More

Let’s Join Forces for a Successful MFG Day 2023 in Washington

Monday, April 17, 2023 | Workforce Development, Manufacturing Day
Manufacturing Day, or MFG Day, is a national event on the first Friday in October each year. This dedicated day raises awareness of modern manufacturing and its importance to the economy. In Washin... Read More