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Impact Washington-NIST MEP Announces its Support and Partnership with the Association of Washington Business (AWB) for Annual Manufacturing Week Bus Tour

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 | News Release, Manufacturing Day

Collaborative Efforts Illuminate the Vital Role of Manufacturing in Washington State's Economy

Bothell, WA (August 2023) – Impact Washington-NIST MEP proudly announces its involvement as an Industry Spotlight Sponsorship in the annual Manufacturing Week bus tour hosted by the Association of Washington Business (AWB) from October 4 to October 11. Aligned with the nationwide MFG Day initiative, this tour showcases modern manufacturing to students, parents, and the public. This participation signifies Impact Washington's fourth year partnering with AWB for this event, with this year marking their second participation on the AWB bus.

Deloit R Wolfe, Jr., Center Director of Impact Washington-NIST MEP, emphasized the team's dynamic excitement in helping plan and participate in bus tour stops. "This endeavor allows us to spotlight the vital role of manufacturing in Washington state and observe firsthand its transformative impact on communities and the economy," said Wolfe. "In collaboration with the Association of Washington Business, we drive positive change, foster innovation, and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Together, we are shaping the future of manufacturing in Washington."

The Manufacturing Week bus tour's central goal is to raise awareness about manufacturing's significant role in Washington state. It supports sector growth while highlighting innovative manufacturers contributing to communities and the state's economy.

AWB President Kris Johnson acknowledged the challenges of recent years and praised Washington manufacturers' resilience. With manufacturing already a critical economic driver, the state aims to double manufacturing by 2031.

Impact Washington proudly joins this year's tour, spotlighting Washington's makers and advocating for support from policymakers, economic development groups, and commerce leaders. Impact Washington remains committed to manufacturers amid complexities like regulations, taxes, skills gaps, and pandemic challenges.

The annual tour traverses diverse industries across the state, offering insight into various operations, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Washington's economy, employing around 265,000 individuals – about 8% of the statewide workforce – with a competitive average annual salary of $95,777, surpassing the state average by one-sixth.

Washington showcases a robust manufacturing landscape with 8,089 strategically located manufacturing establishments generating $24.8 billion in annual wages.

The 2023 tour continues its focus on students, introducing them to Washington's innovative manufacturers. This initiative aims to inspire young individuals by showcasing present and future career prospects in modern manufacturing.

About Impact Washington-NIST MEP

As a NIST MEP-approved center, Impact Washington is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Washington State. Impact Washington is a statewide non-profit organization that provides competitive, value-driven consulting and training services. With access to public and private resources, we enhance growth, improve productivity, reduce costs, and expand manufacturing capacity in Washington. Our solutions, consulting, and educational opportunities focus on small and medium-sized manufacturers. Since 1997, Impact Washington has delivered measurable, validated business impacts to more than 1,500 Washington State manufacturers.

About the Association of Washington Business:

Formed in 1904, the Association of Washington Business is Washington’s oldest and largest statewide business association and includes nearly 7,000 members representing 700,000 employees.

AWB serves as the state’s chamber of commerce and the manufacturing and technology association. AWB also has a longstanding record of working for companies in many other industries such as retail, wholesale, communications, services, agriculture, transportation, hospitality, and construction.

About MEP National Network™

The MEP National Network™ is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing. 

Focused on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today's technology-driven economy, the MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), the 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the MEP Advisory Board, MEP Center boards, and the Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence, as well as over 1,450 trusted advisors and experts at approximately 430 MEP service locations, providing any U.S. manufacturer with access to resources they need to succeed. 

In 2022, the MEP National Network connected with more than 33,500 manufacturers, leading to $18.8 billion in sales, $2.5 billion in cost savings, and $6.4 billion in new client investments, and helped create or retain more than 116,700 jobs. 

About NIST

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology to enhance economic security and improve our quality of life. NIST is a nonregulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

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