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Friday, October 11, 2019 | Cybersecurity | CMMC, Operational Excellence

Businesses face significant financial loss when a cyber attack occurs. In 2018, the U.S. business sector had the largest number of data breaches ever recorded: 571 breaches. Cybercriminals often rely on human error—employees failing to install software patches or clicking on malicious links—to gain access to systems. From the top leadership to the newest employee, cybersecurity requires the vigilance of everyone to keep data, customers, and capital safe and secure. #BeCyberSmart to connect with confidence and support a culture of cybersecurity at your organization.


  1. Treat business information as personal information. Business information typically includes a mix of private and proprietary data. While you may think of trade secrets and company credit accounts, it also provides employee personally identifiable information (PII) through tax forms and payroll accounts. Do not share PII with unknown parties or over unsecured networks.
  2. Technology has its limits. As “smart” or data-driven technology evolves, it is essential to remember that security measures only work if used correctly by employees. Smart technology runs on data, meaning devices such as smartphones, laptop computers, wireless printers, and other accessories are continually exchanging data to complete tasks. Take proper security precautions and ensure correct configuration to wireless devices to prevent data breaches. For more information about smart technology, see the Internet of Things Tip Card. Read the Internet of Things Tip Sheet for more information
  3. Be up to date. Keep your software updated to the latest version available. Maintain your security settings to keeping your information safe by turning on automatic updates so you don’t have to think about it and set your security software to run regular scans.

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