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Stories From the Road

Friday, February 9, 2018 | Manufacturing
Steve Winters

Steve Winters, Account Executive Northwest Washington

I recently had meetings with Twin Brook Creamery in Lynden, Healthy Pet in Ferndale, and Golden Boy Foods in Blaine.

Twin Brooks utilizes Jersey cows that produce milk with higher percentage of milk fat and still bottles in glass.  They are fifth generation milk producers still on the same property in Lynden.  They pasteurize at a lower temperature over a longer period of time which does not damage the milk like the ultra-pasteurizing process can.  Larry Stap is passionate about his family owned business and I am sold on buying Twin Brooks exclusively.

Golden Boy Foods produces almond butter as well as their 600,000 pounds of peanut butter a week.  New flavors of almond butter in R&D: maple almond butter and brown sugar almond butter, to be released at Costco this year.

Some of the perks of the job: samples of peanut butter, Twin Brooks strawberries & cream milk and chocolate milk.  The cream is floating on the top of the milk. Delicious!

Steve has been associated with Impact Washington since 2000, with 10 years on the Board of Directors, two of which as Board Chair. He has 30+ years of experience in manufacturing including operations management, quality assurance/continuous improvement, project management, lean implementation and supply chain management, in regulated environments such as automotive, aerospace and medical device. Steve is also an adjunct instructor at Western Washington University, teaching Operations Management.

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