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Manufacturing Day 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017 | Manufacturing

Manufacturing Day 2017 logoWhat is Manufacturing Day?

Quite simply, this is a day to celebrate manufacturing and all that it is – and isn’t.  There are a lot of misconceptions about the manufacturing industry and, as a result, there is a job gap.  Not enough skilled workers are joining the workforce and that job gap is growing.  Meanwhile, there are people out there looking for jobs, who don’t realize what a viable career path manufacturing can be, with the right skillset and training.

Manufacturers have the opportunity to throw open their doors and host events that highlight what they do and what they are looking for in future employees.  This year, that day is Friday, October 6, 2017, although the entire week is a celebration and any day can be manufacturing day.

It isn’t just for manufacturers, either.  Technical schools, community colleges, high schools, city councils, and any group that supports manufacturing can put together a program that celebrates Manufacturing Day.  The goal is to educate the current and future workforce so that people get excited about manufacturing.  The event started as a grassroots effort in 2012 and has grown in participation by over 1,000% since!  And it has had a very positive impact on those who do choose to participate.

Students who attended a Manufacturing Day Event were asked to participate in a survey administered by Deloitte. It showed that this event is having a positive impact on the perception of manufacturing in our communities.  Of those students, 89% were more aware of manufacturing career options in their communities, 84% were convinced that manufacturing would be a rewarding career, and 64% were more likely to be motivated to pursue manufacturing as a career, while 71% were more likely to tell their friends about manufacturing as a career option.

If you are interested in hosting an event to help promote this event, then be sure to check out the resources on the national Manufacturing Day website and register you event.  Check out our page as well, where all registered Washington State events are listed.

We’d also love to help you promote your event locally.  We will promote your event on our social media channels and also can feature you and your company here on our blog. Please contact


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