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My Summer At Impact Washington – The Bot Army

Friday, June 23, 2017 | Manufacturing

It has been a month and a half since I have begun my work here at Impact Washington. Salesforce has become my bread and butter, it would be disastrous if they took a financial fall.

On a lighter note, several new bots have entered the workflow family. Finio takes care of our internal records without owners. Plena guides records who have lost their owners back to their respective account executives. We also have an up and coming bot named Clamo who will be assigning new records to existing account executives. Hopefully he’ll be alive in time for the weekend. Being born on a Friday gives him lots of time to stretch his proverbial legs.

In addition to Salesforce and the bot army, I’ve also been working on a big collection of potential clients that needs to be trimmed into manageable packets. It’s going well so far. Perhaps in the near future the project will see advantageous results!          

Damon Devani is a student from Champlain College in Vermont, working with Impact Washington for the summer of 2017 as our Data Analytics Intern.  Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, cooking, and film. He’s looking forward to exploring the area and getting to know the business over the next couple of months.

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