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Out of Office: Time Away From the Cubicle

Friday, May 12, 2017 | Manufactured in WA Highlight

Okay, time to get personal.

Some of my very personal interest are, in no particular order:

  • Wine; I am from a wine region in Spain (Jerez de la Frontera)
  • Airplanes, because c’mon! They are so cool!!
  • Innovation, as an integral part of my career
  • World War II; I am a History Geek

When these marry together in the perfect blend, I find my zen. This is the case of Airfield Estate Winery.

Siblings Marcus and Lori Miller are heirs of a tradition that dates to the 1940’s. Their family farm is a stunning example of innovation at its best. Originally a training camp for US Army Air Forces, it evolved first into a farm, and today it is an excellent vineyard where they grow grapes to make outstanding wine. They are an example of new generations evolving a tradition and injecting new ideas to sustain and grow.  They planted their first grapes in 1968 and today grow 27 different wine grape varietals spanning over 900 acres.

Their tasting room is visually stunningTheir wines will make your mouth sing.  You will be surrounded by my favorite things in a blend of history, innovation, flight (of air and wine), and family heritage.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Yakima Valley wineries.  You will not regret it.

Miguel Moreno, Account Executive Small & Rural Businesses, Impact Washington

Miguel is an international bilingual senior manager, with experience in implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and process improvement, project management, customer and vendor relations, in nationwide companies, different environments and industries.
He loves new challenges and is eager to learn about new processes.
He can analyze any process and apply his skills and knowledge to transform it into a standardized, efficient, and lean process.  Miguel has lived in Spain, Mexico, and Colorado, just to name a few places.  He is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Out of Office is a collection of his weekly musings, travels, and experiences in Washington State. 

He welcomes comments, questions, and requests for free business valuations.  He can be reached at mmoreno@impactwashington.org.

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