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Out of Office: Time Away From the Cubicle

Friday, May 5, 2017 | Manufactured in WA Highlight

This may be an old map of Walla Walla. . . but not much has changed!

There are days when traveling in rural Washington truly feels like stepping back in time.

What IS This Foreign Object?


Not One Thing About This Seems Right

There Are No Words For How Amazing This Was

There are important lessons to learn on the road as well.  For example, it doesn’t matter that your silverware matches, so long as the food is good.


The True Beauty of This Land Is Beyond Words

My far flung adventures through our state have brought me to many small, rural, and amazing companies.  Sharing them with you is one of my favorite parts of my job.  It is these people, these companies, that make up the heartbeat of manufacturing in Washington State.



Miguel is an international bilingual senior manager, with experience in implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and process improvement, project management, customer and vendor relations, in nationwide companies, different environments and industries.
He loves new challenges is eager to learn about new processes.
He can analyze any process and apply my skills and knowledge to transform it into a standardized, efficient, and lean process.  Miguel has lived in Spain, Mexico, and Colorado, just to name a few places.  He is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Out of Office is a collection of his weekly musings, travels, and experiences in Washington State.  You can contact him at mmoreno@impactwashington.org.


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