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Out of Office: Time Away From the Cubicle

Friday, April 14, 2017 | Manufactured in WA Highlight

Owner Daniel Flathers is an artisan and creates extremely detailed furniture pieces, custom signs, and custom cabinetry for jobs small and large.

You can find amazing things in East and Central Washington. From somebody making bullets for ancient firearms to incredible woodwork like what is being Built by Daniel, a small company in Selah, WA, that makes customize furniture in wood.

Daniel himself will translate your idea into his vision and will put his soul and passion to work for your fantasy desk, kitchen, or even game room. Here they are some pictures of his work. And these pictures are just a glimpse of his abilities.

Impact Washington is collaborating with small companies like Built by Daniel to become more efficient with different services; from Valuation of the company to Lean basics to participation in the Target Rural Enterprise program*.

Wood inlay.

In coming editions of this weekly blog you will find more about these companies, like Built by Daniel, and also stories about my trips all around Washington. I’ve just moved here from Colorado, so I’m exploring this beautiful state in real time.  You will see tons of pictures, views of life on the road in remote corners of our state and the places in between.

Would you like me to visit and do a feature on you and your company?   If so, please contact me and we can set up a time for me to stop by.  Have an exciting story or photo to share?  Just want to say hi?  I’m a friendly guy!  Please leave your comments or contact me directly.

Miguel Moreno, Account Executive Small & Rural Businesses, Impact Washington


Miguel is an international bilingual senior manager, with experience in implementation and maintenance of Quality Management Systems and process improvement, project management, customer and vendor relations, in nationwide companies, different environments and industries.
He loves new challenges and is eager to learn about new processes.
He can analyze any process and apply his skills and knowledge to transform it into a standardized, efficient, and lean process.  Miguel has lived in Spain, Mexico, and Colorado, just to name a few places.  He is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Out of Office is a collection of his weekly musings, travels, and experiences in Washington State. 

He welcomes comments, questions, and requests for free business valuations.  He can be reached at mmoreno@impactwashington.org.


*Target Rural Enterprise is a program designed to work in 9 counties in Central and East Washington and Skagit in West Washington with pro bono consulting.  Contact Miguel for more information and to see if your business qualifies for FREE grant money.

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