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The Wisdom of Andy Grove

Thursday, April 14, 2016 | News Release

Want to create manufacturing jobs in the US? Ask someone besides a politician how to make it happen: Ask someone who does it.

T. Grove didn’t pursue these goals for political reasons or do it for tax reasons but because it made business sense to have his products close to the customer and innovation capabilities in the US. He built expensive new chip factories on different continents to ensure uninterrupted supplies. We in the Northwest are beneficiaries of the Intel manufacturing juggernaut in the US, and its headquarters remain in the US.

Time magazine made him its Man of the Year in 1997 – a figurehead and mentor for the rest of Silicon Valley. Time called him the “person most responsible for the amazing growth in the power and innovative potential of microchips.”

In 2010, he wrote an excellent article for Business Week.

“All of us in business,” Mr. Grove wrote, “have a responsibility to maintain the industrial base on which we depend and the society whose adaptability — and stability — we may have taken for granted.”

And recently, with his death, the New York Times featured his advice again.

Worth the time to read his thoughts.

Those of us at Impact Washington are passionate about keeping manufacturing alive and well in the state of Washington and in the US.


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