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Tuesday, October 26, 2021 | News Release, Workforce Development

Large Boat

SAFE Boats International inked the remaining $90 million dollars U.S. Navy contract to manufacture and build Mark VI Patrol Boats headed for the government of Ukraine. This contract solidifies the company’s maritime expansion on the banks of Tacoma’s Tideflats and will add 75 new maritime workers to the shipbuilder’s South Sound workforce. The award includes firm-fixed-price modification to a previously awarded $20 million contract for design, construction, outfitting, reactivation, and training for six Mk VI Patrol Boats with an option for two additional vessels.

“This award is the culmination of hard work and collaboration by the SAFE Boats Team, our supply chain partners, and the U.S. Government.  We are excited to be part of this important program and to have the opportunity to expand our workforce; no small feat in our current economy,” said Richard Schwarz, CEO of SAFE Boats International.

“Congratulation to SAFE Boats on the award of this significant contract. It is exciting to see the growth of shipbuilding in the Tideflats and the new jobs and economic vitality this project will bring to our region,” said Dick Marzano, Port of Tacoma commission president. “We are proud to have SAFE Boats in our Port family of tenants.”

“SAFE Boats received $39,400 in grant funding from Washington Job Skills Program to fund onsite hands-on technical training in welding, troubleshooting, metallurgy, technical math, blueprint reading, and Marine Standards certification. Invista Performance Solutions is pleased to support SAFE Boat’s continued growth in manufacturing boats of the highest quality standards for their customers. Our Pierce County Community and Technical college partnership, which is funding and delivering the training, is proud of our long-term relationship with SAFE Boats,” said Don Sosnowski, Director, Invista Performance Solutions.

“We congratulate SAFE Boats International on achieving this significant contract award,” said Jeff Robinson, Tacoma Community, and Economic Development Director. “Re-opening the Tacoma shipyard and hiring skilled workers is a significant commitment by the company and we value our continued partnership as the company moves forward into production.”

"The announcement of this large contract is outstanding news for SAFE Boats, all partners working with them, and the South Sound Region as a whole." Said Deloit R Wolfe, Jr., President and Center Director for Impact Washington - NIST MEP. "Our team has been working alongside SAFE Boats on their ISO 9001:2015 accreditation which is confirmation of their demonstrated and ongoing commitment to reliability, quality assurance, and safety.  We've built a strong partnership with Richard and his team and look forward to seeing them awarded this certification and continuing to be their go-to-experts in strengthening their manufacturing capabilities."

“Large economic development deals like this takes years of planning, perseverance, and hard work across several organizations. Tacoma-Pierce County’s business expansion team looks forward to SAFE Boats successful relaunch,” said Bruce Kendall, President & CEO of the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County.

Final delivery on the contract is slated for March 2025, or March 2026 if the option is exercised.

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