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Why Small Manufacturers Should Consider a Manufacturing Execution System

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 | Operational Excellence

An essential part of ensuring your manufacturing company runs smoothly is identifying problems within your systems.

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can help identify issues and increase efficiency.

As stated in “Why Small Manufacturers Should Consider a Manufacturing Execution System” by Chuck Werner, using an MES is especially useful for small to medium size companies who don’t have the resources to respond to data as other manufacturers do. MES delivers approximately the same result as a full-time equivalent (FES). MES analyzes input and output to provide an accurate profit, considering different costs. Many times, profit goals don’t reflect true profit. For example, costs and repairs can set production back tremendously. Manufacturers rely heavily on machinery and equipment. When a machine is down, production slows or stops, which means a loss of both time and money. Accounting for these repairs is essential when analyzing costs and profitability. MES allows manufacturers to focus on their priorities.

A Manufacturing Execution System can also be a resource for other areas of your business, including a scheduling system or Quality Management System. The primary function of MES is to gather data in many different areas. Pairing MES with an Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) system can dramatically increase efficiency in multiple areas and more accurately determine demand, which affects production levels.

If considering a Manufacturing Execution System, your manufacturing company must be prepared for the changes ahead.

As Werner emphasizes, manufacturers should first confirm that the solution and provider they choose are a good fit for their business. Manufacturers should be prepared to offer information their provider may need, “from being able to map their value stream (a representation of all activities required to produce a product) to the work culture issues associated” (Werner, 2021). A Manufacturing Execution System can be a tremendously beneficial resource for a small manufacturer, but it’s important to assess different solutions and prepare to adjust to a new system.

Given the unique times' manufacturers find themselves in, it’s imperative to meet continual changes and adapt to modern solutions. Impact Washington, the Washington State MEP, helps manufacturing companies find the best systems and solutions for their unique needs. Contact Impact Washington to set up a consultation and see if your company could benefit from a Manufacturing Execution System. 

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