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Unleash the Power of your Company’s Marketing and HR Partnership

Thursday, January 26, 2023 | Workforce Development

Finding prospects in today’s talent-driven market

Amid the economywide workforce shortage, manufacturing companies need help to fill open positions. A recent study by Deloitte reveals a persistent perception gap: even as views of domestic manufacturing are increasingly crucial to the economy, public perceptions of manufacturing are outside the current reality. As an industry, we need to showcase to the general population the increasingly high-tech nature of manufacturing, improving employee productivity and providing cutting-edge, transferable skills.

This perception gap is likely contributing to the current shortage of applicants, and manufacturers are waging war for talent globally and, more importantly, at the hyper-local level.

We believe there's an increasing need for marketing and HR functions to work together toward building a mutually beneficial relationship. A symbiotic relationship between the two enhances core areas and adds value to the entire organization.

In today's competitive space, where driving engagement with both candidates and customers is vital, marketing and HR executives need to lead the charge toward a meaningful partnership.

Your employees are your biggest asset, and your company’s success depends on attracting top talent. How are your leaders branding the organization as an attractive place of employment for top talent?

With successful collaboration, marketing and HR can work to enhance critical areas in the organization, such as:

  • Brand Messaging - Recruiting talent is becoming increasingly like acquiring customers. Building a cohesive brand message that resonates with consumers, employees, and candidates is critical. 
  • Organizational Culture - The organizational culture and company values are the core components of every company’s brand. It is essential to align your employees and organization with the company culture and get everyone to rally behind it. 
  • Social Media - There’s no doubt that marketing is the best team to help HR adapt to social media. Just as marketers leverage social media to reach consumers and drive brand awareness, HR teams can utilize social channels for modern recruitment marketing. 
  • Onboarding - Marketing and HR can partner up to ensure the onboarding process of new hires is seamless and efficient.

While marketing and HR are separate departments, working in a union ensures that organizations draw in the best candidates and keep them. The partnership of these two business functions has a long-lasting effect in driving a company’s brand forward.

Learn how we can help your organization create a Talent Marketing Strategy that will improve business performance, create a motivating work environment, increase employee retention and gain prospects' attention. Contact us here


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